Bloomfield Synagogue Welcomes Hungry To Seder Meal

Posted By on April 5, 2014

BLOOMFIELD Over the years Mark Goldberg has pondered the line in the Seder prayer that says "All who are hungry, come and eat."

"I've often thought about that line..if there was a knock on the door," he said. "You say it but you don't really mean it."

But now Golderg and the Beth Hillel Synagogue do mean it and are inviting people of all faiths and those who are just hungry to a freedom-hunger Seder Sunday.

"The idea is that instead of just saying it, let's practice it," Golberg said. "We're inviting those who are in need in for a free meal, Seder-style."

Guests will be treated to a kosher, yeast- and dairy-free meal of chicken pot pie topped with mashed potatoes instead of crust and an introduction to the history and traditions of the Seder.

"We'll go through it with them and help them understand and remove the mystique," he said. "It's just a celebration of freedom. That's what the holiday is all about.".

Golberg said he brought the idea two the synagogue's board last year without success. But in November an interfaith Thanksgiving gathering at Beth Hillel was a well-attended success, prompting Goldberg to bring it up to the board again and got approval.

Goldberg said he's cooking for 50 but is hopeful for more. And if it's a success, he plans to make it an annual event.

"We'll have plenty of food," said Rabbi Gary Atkins. "They don't have to be poor or hungry to come, but that's who we're trying to reach.

Atkins, said the event is also part of the "fundamental message of Passover that sometimes gets overlooked," and added that it will also help the synagogue to continue to connect with the interfaith community.

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Bloomfield Synagogue Welcomes Hungry To Seder Meal

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