Warrior Memories: Rally Club a catalyst for Warrior fanbase

Posted By on April 16, 2014

It is fun to look back at Warrior sports when I started at Del Norte during the 1947-48 school year.

Warrior sports were still making a comeback after being greatly reduced during World War II. Eleven-man football was in its third year under the third straight different coach. Talmud Kramer replaced Phil Crawford, who had replaced Clarance Kramer, so each year was different.

Kramer was only here one year before he was replaced by Brick Bralich, who was also only here one year. The Warriors played four games and lost them all.

Basketball was coming back stronger, fielding both lightweight and heavyweight teams, both having 10-game schedules. Baseball, track and boys tennis were also in the comeback mode.

Girls sports were still limited to competition between gym classes.

Community interest was great and school spirit was high. A group was needed to keep everything moving in a positive direction. For the first time ever, the Rally Club was formed.

This group turned out to be great for the school. It organized and supervised rallies and was great at promoting good sportsmanship for Del Norte.

The student leaders for this group were Jim Alexander and Eleanor Butz and three super cheerleaders: Marilyn Myers, Millicent McVay and Joan Jemison. Back then we only had three cheerleaders, and it was amazing how these three youngladies could control a crowd.

The members of the Rally Club also worked hard to arrange transportation to away games, and the Warriors always had a great following. Other schools back then, as they still are now, were amazed at the number of students and adults who always filled the visitor stands.

We can all look back with pride at how these first Rally Club members pointed the Warriors in the positive direction we all enjoy now.

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Warrior Memories: Rally Club a catalyst for Warrior fanbase

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