ADL Asks Iceland to Act on Pro-Palestine Mapping Website – NBC10 Boston

Posted By on July 16, 2022

A Jewish advocacy group is calling on Icelands government to take action againsta pro-Palestine websiteseeking to dismantle various Boston-area Jewish institutions thats being hosted by an Icelandic internet company.

The website is hosted by Reykjavk-based 1984 Hosting Co.

The Anti-Defamation League, in a letter Wednesday to Icelands Minister for Foreign Affairs, said it has already voiced its concerns about the Mapping Project to Icelands ambassador to the U.S. and its national police but hasnt received a substantive response.

The website features an interactive map of Massachusetts listing nearly 500 institutions many of them Jewish and accusing those institutions of complicity in a range of harms, including ethnic cleansing, colonialism and Zionism.

We deeply regret the apparent lackadaisical attitude of Icelandic officials toward this threat to the Jewish community and ask that your government take expeditious measures to prevent this website from being hosted in your country, Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADLs CEO wrote in the letter.

Reports of assault, harassment and vandalism against Jewish people remain at an historic high in Massachusetts.

Icelandic authorities will cooperate with U.S. officials if a request for mutual legal assistance is received, but the government doesnt have jurisdiction to investigate crimes by subjects located in other countries, Sveinn Gumarsson, a spokesperson for the Icelands Ministry for Foreign Affairs, said in a statement Thursday.

The FBIs Boston office and the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts office, which have both said theyre looking into the site, declined to comment Thursday.

The 1984 Hosting Co., which also declined to comment, has previously said it doesnt host those who advocate violence, terror, suppression or hatred but declined to address the Jewish communitys concerns.

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ADL Asks Iceland to Act on Pro-Palestine Mapping Website - NBC10 Boston

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