ALDRICH: O’Toole whiffs on first chance to show he’s different – Winnipeg Sun

Posted By on August 31, 2020

Loudmouth political commentator Glenn Beck, formerly of CNN and Fox News and currently the CEO of The Blaze, has been flogging that horse since at least 2010 and has been latched onto by many others desperate to connect dots to justify their warped world viewpoint.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, ignorance is not an excuse in this case as Soros Jewish identity is so well-known that in many cases it is hard not to infer that meaning.

This is especially true when Soros-related conspiracy theories include other well-worn antisemitic tropes such as control of the media or banks; references to undermining societies or destabilizing countries; or language that hearkens back to the medieval blood libels and the characterization of Jews as evil, demonic, or agents of the antichrist.

I will accept the unconnected to the political world may not be aware of the Soros theories, but federal politicians need to know better, should know better.

Those who buy-in to this garbage enough to propagate it, even momentarily, gives a peak behind the blinders of their thought process.

This has been a major issue for the conservatives in recent years and the refusal to distance themselves from these far-right peddlers of fear, hate and deceit.

While it was not the only reason the Conservatives failed to unseat PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in October, it was a major chink in their armour.

It also made it difficult for people to buy-in on their rightful criticisms of Trudeaus Blackface scandal.

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ALDRICH: O'Toole whiffs on first chance to show he's different - Winnipeg Sun

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