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Posted By on March 13, 2020

Right now, The Times reports, colleges seem to be leading the way in the national experiment with remote learning. Many schools are set to start virtual instruction after spring break, lasting at least through March. But in the Seattle area, a suburban K-12 school district moved all its classes online, and this photo essay, Remote Learning Comes to America as Coronavirus Shuts Schools, shows what that can look like.

Yet, a related article points out, few schools have detailed plans to teach online if they had to close for long periods:

The obstacles to teaching remotely were evident: American children have uneven access to home computers and broadband internet. Schools have limited expertise in providing instruction online on a large scale. And parents would be forced to juggle their own work responsibilities with what could amount to a vast unplanned experiment in mass home-schooling, said Kevin Carey, vice president for education policy at New America, a think tank.

The Learning Network recently did a Lesson of the Day on the article When Can We Go to School? Nearly 300 Million Children Are Missing Class. In it, students analyze a map, consider the problems and solutions presented in the article, and, if they like, create a one-pager visual response to the article.

In our Picture Prompt feature, we have asked students to weigh in on the question How would you feel about attending school from home? and we would love to hear from learners all over the world.

We also recently asked students: How concerned are you about the coronavirus outbreak? Over 450 weighed in with questions, observations, opinions and, via international students who have already been out of school for weeks, interesting insights into what may be coming for many in the United States.

Here are some resources from around the web that may help both teachers and students navigate the uncertainty. We welcome suggestions for additions to any of these lists.

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Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, Learning and Thinking Critically - The New York Times

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