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Posted By on November 3, 2020

In spite of a smugness about poll leads, the Biden campaign suddenly shifted gears. Campaign ads are moving to new lows. Celebrities, former President Obama and even Joe himself started popping up in battleground states.

Does that mean an erosion of confidence in the national polls by the Biden team? Ultra-liberal Michael Moore chimed an alarm to beware of those samplings. Perhaps they listened this year.

It's not just poll numbers that has progressives worried. Trumps three-a-day rallies are igniting thousands of enthusiastic supporters. They are consistently similar in message with much red, white and blue. Data from the campaign indicates many are newly registered voters and about 25 percent are Democrats.

In comparison, Joes functions are bizarre with no enthusiasm. At Warm Springs, masked attendees quietly sat in little white circles while the grim leader spoke. It looked more like a cult awaiting the returning mothership. At many, staff and reporters outnumber attendees. Recently Joe was acting like an old dog barking at car horns. Antifa can harass conservatives but Joe gets indignant if his opponents supporters blow their horns.

Godwins law is a phenomenon of the internet. It states as an argument of political ideas grows longer there is a likelihood of comparisons to Nazis or Hitler. A new Biden ad includes a comparison of Trump to Hitler. In the second debate Joe invoked Hitler. This happened in spite of the Anti-Defamation League asking candidates to avoid references to Nazis or Hitler.

When a campaign devolves into calling the opponent Nazis and evoking Hitler, it shows not only intellectual laziness and disregard for the ADL but it shows desperation.

Ralph Miller

* * *

Apparently Mr. Miller is mistaken about the Biden campaign. Just yesterday Biden claimed he was going to lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure.

Well, darn. Trump may just as well go ahead and concede now.

Dennis Wooden

* * *

Mr. Miller, I agree that it is bad form for a Biden ad to compare Trump to Hitler.

That still leaves open the possibility of comparing Hitler to Trump.

Two more days.

Michael Mallen

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