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At its Never Is Now anti-Semitism summit this week, the Anti-Defamation League gave its ADL Americanism Award to Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, superintendent of the Air Force Academy, for his famed speech last September denouncing white racists for scrawling antiblack slurs on the dorm door of a black student.

Silverias order to racists to Get out (an admiring reference to the antiwhite horror movie) was celebrated by the media, with Silveria being declared 2020 presidential timber and an admirable rival to the deplorable Donald Trump. Silveria was especially adulated for dog-whistling:

We would also be tone-deaf not to think about the backdrop of whats going on in our countrythings like Charlottesville and Ferguson, the protest in the NFL.

The only problem with the ADLs ceremony honoring Lt. Gen. Silverias commitment, dedication, and leadership in the fight against hate was that six days earlier the Air Force Academy had admitted that the graffiti had been a hoax perpetrated by an unnamed black student.

In other words, the Air Force Academy incident had indeed been a racist hate crime, but, contra General Silveria, one perpetrated to spread fear and loathing against its white victims.

The ADL, however, is not in the business of letting reality get in the way of business.

The ADL is not in the business of letting reality get in the way of business.

Granted, the ADL, with $81 million in net assets, isnt as rich as the money-crazed Southern Poverty Law Center, Americas most lucrative hate organization. Still, the ADL has done very well for itself in its 104 years of activity, collecting, for instance, $56,000 over the years from Donald Trump.

Trumps election has provided the ADL with a profitable pretext for ramping up fund-raising efforts. Jewish Insider reported a week after the 2016 election:

The Anti-Defamation League has seen a dramatic increase in online donations since the election of Donald Trump, new data shared with Jewish Insider showed. Last Wednesday, the day after the surprising election results, the ADL received a 50X increase in online donations, mostly from new donors. We are heartened by the outpouring of support that we and reportedly other nonprofit organizations in this field have received over the past week, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt told Jewish Insider.... ADL is kicking off its inaugural Never is Now! two-day summit in New York City on Thursday to address some of the most urgent challenges facing the Jewish community and identify new strategies to effectively combat anti-Semitism. Tickets to the events are sold out, according to ADL.

Last winter, for example, the ADL had been doing well off blaming the sudden spate of threats against Jewish community centers upon Trump.

But then it turned out that eight of the calls had been made by a black leftist journalist named Juan Thompson. And next it emerged that up to 2,000 threats were the work of an energetic young Jewish man in Israel with dual Israeli-American citizenship, Michael Ron David Kadar.

Undeterred, the ADL responded to Kadars arrest in Israel not by demanding his extradition to the U.S. but by issuing an amusing press release announcing:

While the details of this crime remain unclear, the impact of this individuals actions is crystal clear: These were acts of anti-Semitism.

Similarly, Silverias disgrace didnt dissuade Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, from honoring him for stoking hatred.

Similarly, Kansas State University discovered last week that its nationally publicized antiblack hate crime on Halloween was actually another antiwhite hate hoax. Likewise, the destruction of a Jewish ceremonial tent at Kansas State earlier in the fall had not been anti-Semitic violence by vicious Trump supporters as originally theorized, but an Act of God: A gust of wind had blown over the tent.

Nonetheless, KSU president Richard Myers announced, without mentioning the hoax, that he was suspending classes for two hours on Tuesday of this week for a rally against racism. With 24,766 students and an out-of-state tuition of $23,000, wasting a quarter of a school day at KSU to fulfill the goals of the hoax would appear to cost nearly a million dollars.

That would seem to be atrocious management. Yet ask yourself: What bureaucrat has ever gotten in trouble for falling for a hate hoax? After all, the concept of a hate hoax has been successfully kept out of the mainstream mentality. In all its years since its founding in 1851, The New York Times has never once used the words hate and hoax consecutively.

In contrast, it ought to be said, American cops have been fairly admirable in not rushing to persecute the victims of hate hoaxes. For example, the cops initially got the George ZimmermanTrayvon Martin tragedy right, while the national media later went hysterical.

Last week, in response to the Air Force and Kansas State fiascos, it was widely asserted in the press that the ratio of hate hoaxes relative to the number of hate crimes is tiny.

But, having followed the topic of hate hoaxes carefully going back to the 2004 fraud at Claremont McKenna when a professor trashed her Honda in order to blame it on her conservative white male students, my estimate is that about as many nationally publicized bias crimes turn out to be fallacious as turn out to be confirmed.

Hate-hoax perps are sometimes arrested and even punished. For instance, the Claremont professor was sentenced to a year in prison. On the other hand, the perps at Air Force and Kansas State were spared legal involvement.

More important, higher-ups almost never suffer consequences for encouraging hate hoaxes by taking them seriously. Both Silveria of the Air Force Academy and Greenblatt of the ADL have fallen for hate hoaxes this year in what should have been a humiliating fashion. But instead, the two chumps/exploiters were honoring each other this week.

Last week, comedy legend Larry David shocked much of the country by devoting one joke in his Saturday Night Live monologue to noticing that his fellow Jews were overrepresented in the ongoing Harvey Weinstein-inspired sexual-harassment scandals.

Similarly, Jews tend to disproportionately figure in validating and promoting hate hoaxes. But few know this because David-style criticism of any Jewish tendencies toward self-indulgent behavior is punished in modern America.

Indeed, the ADL says it exists to to put an end forever toridicule of any sect or body of citizens. In essence, Jews are off-limits to satire. Yet being vulnerable to criticism encourages us to behave better, which is why people like Weinstein and Greenblatt are able to run amok for so long.

There actually are a certain number of classic hate crimes committed each year by whites against nonwhites. But these usually involve lowlifes and the cops come down on them like a ton of bricks, so the stories dont because national causes clbres.

In contrast, a high proportion of the cases in the national media turn out to be absurd. For example, when The New York Times a year ago was promoting the idea of a wave of hate following Trumps victory, its top-featured case was from Lindenwood U. There a jolly Polynesian lady rugby player had jokingly assembled a wall of tennis shoes to divide her half of the dorm room from that of her Mexican roommate. The outraged Mexican coed called campus security.

But lining up sneakers toe to heel isnt illegal, yet.

America has tens of thousands of social scientists. Yet as far as I can tell, not one has ever studied quantitatively what percentage of nationally publicized hate incidents turn out to be misleadingly fallacious.

This ought to be the highest-priority social science question in America, but its likely to remain off-limits for objective study.

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