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Posted By on September 29, 2020

Need some pop culture inspiration for your week? Keep your finger on the pulse of all things A&E with this weeks heat.

Alex Strangman, Arts and Entertainment EditorSeptember 28, 2020

Something to watch:

Feels Good Man: This Sundance award-winning documentary from artist Arthur Jones follows Pepe the Frog on his journey from lovable cartoon frog to Anti Defamation League-registered hate symbol.

While centered around creator Matt Furies attempt to regain control of his character as it became an icon first for a legion of basement-dwelling 4chan-ers, then a horde of alt-right bigots, Feels Good Man also touches on the power of memes in swaying modern-day elections, the pervasiveness of online content theft and most of all how the internet fell in and out of love with a sad little frog.

Throughout, the documentary remains generally lighthearted and at times outright comical. Best of all, they avoided including a close-up of Furie looking at the camera saying, in relation to his work, Feels bad, man.

Something to tap your foot to:

From King to A GOD by Conway the Machine: If you consider yourself a fan of old school, New York-style hip-hop, but havent been bumping any music from Buffalos hottest rap crew, Griselda, its time to reconsider. Conway the Machine, brother of Griselda general Westside Gunn, recently dropped his proper debut album, From King to A GOD.

The album comes as an appetizer to Conways upcoming Shady Records debut, GOD DONT MAKE MISTAKES. But, if FKTAG is an appetizer, then its some extremely loaded nachos, because theres no finishing the whole thing in one sitting. Conways third project of the year, FKTAG features his signature slur-like enunciation the result of a 2012 shooting which left the right side of his face paralyzed as well as brazen lyrics about his come up in the drug game, a Griselda staple.

He raps on Spurs 3: I had an outstandin warrant for a short / Turned myself in rockin Louis and all my jewelry, I wore to court / Huh, Cop pulled me over in my imported Porsche / He said, This car must be a hundred K, I said, You forty short.

With features from Freddie Gibbs and a plethora of Griselda associates including Armani Caesar, Benny the Butcher and Flee Lord, FKTAG is one of this years must listen hip-hop albums.

Something to try:

Ray Js American Grill: Located on the corner of Fifth Street Southeast and Central Avenue Southeast, in the far northwest side of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, Ray Js has lots of great food, but more importantly they have some killer chicken wings.

Open 11 a.m. 10 p.m. Sunday Thursday and 11 a.m. 11 p.m. Friday Saturday, for both dine-in and takeout, Ray Js is the perfect spot to pick up some wings right before kickoff or your favorite film.

Pro tip: For maximum flavor, they will coat the wings in a delicious smokey ranch dry rub, then toss it in buffalo sauce upon request.

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Heat of the week: Wings, former kings and a sad little frog - Minnesota Daily

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