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Posted By on January 31, 2020

As a trial lawyer at Walter Haverfield LLP in Cleveland, Jamie Price represents clients in situations from business disputes to trust and estate litigation.

Though her work can be complex, Price said her inspiration to become a lawyer was simple: she wanted to help others.

But, I was unsure whether I wanted to be a lawyer or go into the medical/scientific field like my dad, Price recalled. It wasnt until college, after taking sociology and political science courses and volunteering with a social justice nonprofit that I realized that I could best help others and live out my passion by becoming a lawyer.

Price is also involved with the Anti-Defamation League and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Associations Ethics and Professionalism committee.

CJN: What drew you to trial and litigation law?

Price: I was drawn to litigation and becoming a trial lawyer because going to trial can be the best way to help clients and vindicate those who are wrongly accused. I also enjoy being in the courtroom and having to think on my feet.

CJN: How did you get involved with the ADL?

Price: I have always been passionate about social justice, particularly working to combat bias and bigotry. This is in large part due to the values instilled in me by my parents and growing up in a very small Jewish community in Alabama where I saw so many instances of anti-Semitism and racism.

After moving to Cleveland for law school, I decided I wanted to get involved with a social justice-related nonprofit that not only provided educational programming to help combat racism and anti-Semitism, but also worked in the civil rights arena. ADL fit, and continues to fit, perfectly.

CJN: How do you use your law and professional skills with the bar associations ethics and professionalism committee?

Price: I spent years defending lawyers in legal malpractice lawsuits and in grievance proceedings. I saw firsthand the importance of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct that governs lawyers behavior and how detrimental one mistake or violation could have on a career. I therefore decided to get involved with the committee to help educate other attorneys on the importance of the rules and provide practical insight into how they apply.

CJN: Where does Judaism fit in? What role does it play?

Price: The basic tenets and values of Judaism, particularly tikkun olam and treating others (how) you want to be treated, shape how I try to live my life, both personally and professionally. It also provides me with a sense of community and tradition.

Along with her busy schedule both in and out of the courtroom, Price said both professional and volunteer activities help her be more rounded.

I believe it is important to live a healthy and balanced life, she explained. While I enjoy my work as a lawyer, I have many other interests that I want to pursue. I also value spending time with friends and family. Additionally, taking time for myself, whether to volunteer, exercise, or see friends and family, allows me to be better and more focused in my career.

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