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Posted By on August 18, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) A few weeks ago, during a pro-law enforcement rally at Memorial Park, members of a group called the proud boys were seen. Organizers of the event say they were not invited, and it left many wondering who they are? The Anti-Defamation League says they're a hate group, but they say they're not.

"The membership of the group is sometimes multi-racial and multi-ethnic; they still believe in this sort of supremacy of the western civilization and western culture," said Scott Kurz.

Kurz is with the ADL, which defines the Proud Boys as a hate group.

"They're anti-immigrant, they're anti-muslim, anti-semitic, they have a whole range anti-anything beliefs," said Kurz

Kurz says they're also anti-feminism and revere women as housewives. The ADL website also points out several examples of violence tied to proud boys members, including at rallies.

"They are nationally causing problems and hurting people, and that's something that everyone should take seriously," said Kurz.

The ADL website also says some members support white supremacists and engage with white supremacist groups. To find out more, we emailed the Nebraska chapter of the proud boys, where to become a member, you have to fill out a form, asking about your political beliefs where it also says you cannot be racist or alt-right.

We also asked the Proud Boys their reaction to being labeled as a hate group to which they said "We have members of all races, religions, and sexualities. Those organizations are politically and financially (motivated) to call as many people racist and hateful as possible."

They also included pictures of group members saying, "See the attachments and explain to us what is a definition of a hate group. Seems like that, and similar phrases are being thrown around flippantly."

We filled out that form under a made-up name and got a response back to send a video of us listing our name and saying, "I am a proud western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world."

The group said the members who attended the rally did so in support of police, but Kurz believes it was to take away from the BLM protesters' voices at the event.

"It's not anything for people to be terribly afraid of, but they should be aware, they should be alert, and they should be paying attention to who's around them at all times."

The ADL says the following in Nebraska and Iowa doesn't appear to be significant but that if you attend a rally, you should be aware of the group in case they appear.

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