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Posted By on February 23, 2020

Law enforcement in America and Europe is failing its people.

For decades, Western security forces have wilfully ignored the rise of far-right white supremacist movements. Instead, as the Guardian of the United Kingdom puts it, they have focused their resources on Muslim extremists at their peril.

Do not misread us. We are against all forms of extremism, be it fought under the banner of this or that label. Continued indifference to supremacist movements is a recipe for killings of the Hanau kind.

The American Anti-Defamation Leagues (ADL) Centre on Extremism provides some chilling numbers in its 2017 report, Murder and Extremism in United States.

Of the 387 extremism-related killings between 2008 and 2017 in the US, 71 per cent were perpetrated by white supremacists. Muslim extremists committed 26 per cent while far-left extremists, or what ADL calls anarchists, made up the remaining three per cent.

The New York Times, too, quotes worrying data compiled by the University of Marylands Global Terrorism Database showing the number of terror-related incidents more than tripling in the US since 2013, and the number of those killed quadrupling.

In 2017, there were 65 incidents, with 95 deaths.

The terrifying thing about white supremacy is that its extreme hate comes dressed in politics. Germany, the home of the recent Hanau killings, has the Alternative for Germany (AfD), whose political foundation is xenophobia. And it has not made it secret. Its extreme hate is the beat-the-chest-and-tell-the-world kind.

Political analysts see European parties such as AfD framing their ideology on two threats supposedly posed by immigrants: they steal white mens jobs and disrespect their cultural values.

Tobias Rathjen, who killed nine people in Hanau, not far from Frankfurt, is said to have called for the extermination of ethnic minorities in Germany in an online posting before going on his rampage.

America is no different. US President Donald Trumps anti-immigrant policy and it is aimed at non-whites plays right into the hands of far-right extremists.

If leaders and politicians of nations who pride themselves as defenders of human rights spread such extremist ideology, then there is little hope for humanity. Even Covid-19 is a good excuse for white supremacy. In Ukraines central Poltava, a dozen or so Ukrainians attacked China evacuees being ferried by buses. Lack of knowledge and fear often spiral into extreme hate.

The Ukrainians need to know this: Covid-19 doesnt just infect the Chinese. Diseases are not discriminatory. Humans are. Granted, Covid-19 started in Wuhan, China. But the truth is it could have started anywhere where there are bats, like Ukraine.

AfD and similar ideologues need much education. This includes Trump. Immigrants do not come to steal jobs. They are just looking for a better life.

As for Western culture, just because the immigrants follow other values, it doesnt mean they disrespect yours. Live and let live.

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