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Posted By on December 20, 2019

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has released a two-part report on the online postingsunder a variety of aliases and on several sitesof David Anderson, one of the two perpetrators of the deadly attack on a kosher grocery store in Jersey City. Emerging from these postings is an amalgam of ideas about Jews and the Bible shaped by Black Hebrew Israelite groups and the Nation of Islamgroups Anderson nonetheless rejected as insufficiently extremeand the fringes of the far-right and far-left. In Andersons view, African Americans are descendants of the biblical Jews, todays Jews are evil impostors, and the former must fight the latter:

The Facebook profile features images of Anderson and hundreds of posts that give evidence of his extreme ideology, including rabid anti-Semitism and hatred of police and white people. There is a distinct and undeniable pattern of virulent rhetoric that indicates deep hostility and a propensity for violence toward his purported enemiesJewish people. . . .

Numerous posts in this Facebook account illustrate Andersons hatred for Jews, whom he sometimes refers to as Khazarsa reference to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that modern Jews are descendants of an East European tribe from the 11th century. In July 2015 he wrote, Brooklyn is full of NAZIS ASHKE-NAZIS (KHAZARS). He went on to allege that Jews were responsible for murdering black men because the police are their hand now.

The last point is an apparent reference to the canard, propagated by various anti-Israel groups, that American police are trained in brutality by Israeli policeand thus the Jewish state, and American Jewish organizations, bear responsibility for the incidents that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. The report adds:

In September 2015, Anderson reposted an image which attacked Jewish businessmen for allegedly siphoning money out of the black community. . . . Anderson also believed that Jews created the state of Israel as an attempt to make us believe that they were the Jews (us) that the Bible speaks of and their exodus from Auschwitz was our exodus from captivity.

The first part of the report can be read here,and the more detailed second part at the link below.

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Understanding the Ideology Behind the Jersey City Murders - Mosaic

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