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Posted By on November 21, 2019

Dear Editor,

The series of hate crimes that have been occurring on campus has inflicted fear and anxiety among our students of color and non-Christian students and faculty. Students and staff have shown solidarity through the sit-in protest at the Barnes Center at The Arch. Theyve provided a list of demands to administration in an attempt to promote change and safety in our community. Professors have cancelled classes and postponed assignments. Safety precautions have also been offered and suggested to students as a result of these heinous acts.

As a fellow student and an Asian American, I relate to those who are offended, angry and afraid because of the racist incidents. It is not right for us to feel unsafe in a community in which we spend so much of our time in and live in. These hate crimes are unacceptable, and whoever is responsible should be punished.

We need to unite against the crimes themselves, yet there has been more anger directed towards the university and administration than towards the culprit. I have seen a tremendous amount of negative energy directed towards the university for their lack of transparency. I havent seen nearly the same amount of positive energy focused on the value of coming together in a time where it is more necessary than ever.

Although I condemn racism and harm towards others, I feel that we have given whoever is responsible exactly what they want: the attention that they were seeking; the ability to hurt and scare us; and influence over others to act in a similar fashion as them.

We have given those responsible for racism on campus too much power over us. I understand that it is conflicting to approach these incidents because our safety is most important; I understand that similar incidents have occurred over the years and that it is important to put a stop to them; but I believe we should work on making a change through a different approach because these crimes keep happening despite the measures being taken.

I am not saying that students should be required to go about their regularly scheduled days if they feel threatened in any way. However, we shouldnt let the unknown culprits consume our emotions and control our actions in the way that they have. We are letting them win by allowing them to affect our education and our ability to walk freely in our own community.


Jessica C. Infante


Published on November 20, 2019 at 10:05 am

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We've given those responsible for racism on campus too much power over us - The Daily Orange

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