Was Adolf Hitler's lover Eva Braun from a Jewish family?

Posted By on April 5, 2014

Scientists made the discovery using hair from a brush that belonged to her DNA included particular sequence strongly associated with Jewish people Many Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism before 19th Century Tests were made for C4 show Dead Famous DNA, to be shown next week

Published: 17:56 EST, 4 April 2014 | Updated: 17:59 EST, 4 April 2014

Couple: Adolf Hitler with Eva Braun, who may have been descended from a Jewish family

When they committed suicide in his bunker at the end of the Second World War, Eva Braun had been Adolf Hitlers mistress for more than 12 years and his wife for a mere 40 hours.

It seems, however, that despite their time together, she may have kept a crucial family secret from the Fuhrer.

For the man who exterminated millions of Jews in the war may have been in love with a woman with Jewish ancestry.

DNA analysis of hair found on a brush that belonged to her seems to show a link through her maternal line, it emerged yesterday.

Hitler kept Miss Braun, who was 23 years his junior and a teenager when she first met him, largely hidden away at his Alpine residence, the Berghof.

Scientists tested hair samples which are said to have come from a hairbrush used by Braun and discovered at Hitlers mountain retreat.

They found a particular sequence within the DNA, which had been passed down the maternal line the haplogroup N1b1 which it is claimed is strongly associated with Ashkenazi Jews, who make up around 80 per cent of the global Jewish population.

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Was Adolf Hitler's lover Eva Braun from a Jewish family?

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