Who are the Ashkenazi Jews? (with pictures)

Posted By on September 2, 2014

Why is it racism to tell the truth? Ashkenazi Jews claim by birthright they had a right to take Palestine and treat Palestinians as visitors. The promise God made to Abraham was not made to the sons of Japeth or Ham; it was made to Abraham and his sons, descendants of Shem.

The Ashekenazi who say they are Jews by conversion have abandoned the principal way of determining a Jew's heritage. All Old Testament lineages were traced through the father, not the mother.

If a Christian says he/she is a Christian and hates their enemies, they are no more Christian than a Jew who says he/she is a Jew and traces their ancestry through women.

The Ashekenazi have abandoned the daily sacrifice required by the Law and replaced it with the commandments of men and not God. It is said that prayers offered in the morning meet the requirement God requires of those that live under the Law. Clearly, that is not true.

The Ashekenazi have allied themselves with idol worshippers and false prophets (the Mormons) and therefore not only have no birthright, but also have have set themselves apart from God. Every king and all false prophets in the Bible who allied with such were punished by the Lord. Mormons mask themselves as Christians, but are blasphemers and Ashekanazi have a lot of people fooled with their masks as well, but they are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are the Jews who are not Jews in the Bible.

You correctly said that if a person converts to Christianity, then it doesn't matter what their Jewish ancestry is. But what does matter is that their works match their faith and that they do not pervert the inspired Word of God with man-made doctrines that exist to control others, benefit themselves, and are always fairly obvious because their fruits are always bad.

It is not racism to say Ashekenazi are not Jews by promise, but as in Esther's day, many Persians converted to Judaism out of fear and became Jews. The idea that Christians would ally themselves with a nation armed with 120 nukes crying about their neighbors who have not one single nuke because they believe God would have His temple on the blood soaked ground soaked with the blood of His Son is an anti-Christ dogma.

Clearly, Paul and Revelation state there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and Zion will come out of that Heaven, not the polluted ruin that is covered with God's Son's blood. The Ashekenazi and false Christians have used this propaganda to profit from those poor souls that need to be freed.

In this country where there is not supposed to be a religious test, let a politician say one word about the Ashekenazi or the home they stole, and that politician will never be elected. Yet our president can be called a monkey, a terrorist, the N word, and any other disgusting name and the politician who utters that evil is rewarded.

I hardly think racism can be applied to the Ashekenazi who wield more power with less than 5 percent of the population of our nation of almost 300 million people. Lenin, Marx and Stalin -- all engineers of mass murder and communism were all Ashekenazi Jews. I have heard that even Hitler was Ashkenazi. I don't know.

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Who are the Ashkenazi Jews? (with pictures)

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