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Posted By on June 27, 2018

Welcome to the Bnai Brith UK website. I am delighted that you want to find out more about Bnai Brith and what we can offer you.

We are a division of Bnai Brith Europe, which comes under the umbrella of Bnai Brith International, founded in 1843 in New York.

I am certain you will find many things of interest to you as you look through our website, Bnai Brith has a long and well-established history which focuses on advocacy, human rights, charitable work and Jewish Culture and Heritage. Not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Europe and worldwide. Our social activities play an important part in the life of our Lodge membership (Lodge is the historic name we give to our groups) and provides the basis for our wider activities.

Bnai Brith offers a warm welcome to those who join our family, whatever your age, be it younger or older or whether you are single or married or just good friends. We are an inclusive membership organisation that brings together Jews from across the whole spectrum whether they are observant or secular.

I hope that our website will interest you and will inspire you to join us.

I look forward, with much pleasure, to welcoming you into the worldwide family of Bnai Brith.

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B'nai B'rith UK Home - B'nai B'rith UK

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