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Posted By on January 4, 2017

South Jersey contest winner: The dragon who teaches tolerance

The drop is long, and the king is certain of his death until a friendly dragon scoops him up and deposits him safely on level ground.

The unexpected rescue teaches Firemarth, who had previously feared the dragon - and all different-looking beasts in the kingdom - that "you shouldn't deny someone respect simply because they're different." So goesThe Legend of Firemarth, a children's book written and illustrated by Paulsboro High School sophomore Samson Beaver, who took home first prize this week in B'nai B'rith's "Diverse Minds Writing Challenge" in South Jersey.

Beaver's prize was a $5,000 college scholarship he hopes to eventually put toward art school. And 1,000 copies ofThe Legend of Firemarthwill be professionally printed and distributed to local schools, libraries, and community organizations.

Mcgraw-Hill Education Partners With B'nai B'rith To Bring Diversity Writing Challenge To Columbus High School Students

The finalists and winners were recognized and congratulated by McGraw-Hill Education senior vice president Lisa Carmona and Bnai Brith International board of governors member Peter Perlman.

In addition, Ba and McCloskeys teacher, who oversaw the creation of their winning book, will receive a $500 stipend to use for classroom or organizational materials. Olentangy Orange High School will also receive a $500 grant.

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