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Posted By on September 1, 2016

The first Bnai Brith lodge in Israel was established in 1888. Now there are approximately 70 lodges, organized into regional councils. Each lodge plans its own activities, some include: helping schools, kindergartens, hospitals' clubs for the blind, and recent immigrants; delivering food and clothes to needy people; providing housing for soldiers who have completed military service and wish to attend college; organizing Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations for boys and girls from deprived families; and assisting special scholarship programs and institutes for special education. Some lodges have kitchens that daily serve hundreds of meals to the needy.

In Haifa, B'nai B'rith Israel sponsors a Parents Home, which provides housing for needy senior citizens.

>Read the Center Stage e-newsletter from the B'nai B'rith World Center - Jerusalem

Through educational programs and well-established relationships with political leaders of all parties, the diplomatic corps, and leading academic institutions, the World Center works to strengthen Israel-Diaspora relations and interprets developments concerning the Jewish state for our members and supporters around the world.

The establishment of the World Center was B'nai B'rith's answer to United Nations Security Council Resolution 478 that in August 1980 called on all member states to remove their diplomatic missions from Jerusalem. Established that same summer, the World Center is an ongoing expression of B'nai B'rith's active commitment to the State of Israel.

In advancing its mission, the World Center:

The kits were shipped to Israelby Bnai Brithand the delivery was made by Alan Schneider, Director of the Bnai Brith World Center in Jerusalem and delivered to community leaders in Sderot by Schneider and Aron Katz.Young leaders in Israel added messages of support to the package.

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