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The Board of Christian Education of Evangelical United Church of Christ awards its first scholarship and honors Sunday school teachers with a breakfast; receiving the scholarship is Adam Click of Jackson High School; he was in the top 10% of his graduating class and is a member of the National Honor Society.

The Trinity Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau launches 150 red, white and blue balloons to start a three-year celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod; the Missouri Synod, which includes more than 6,000 churches and 2.5 million members, was founded April 26, 1847; Cape Girardeau's Trinity Lutheran Church was founded in 1854.

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The volume of the catch on the reopening of Lake Girardeau Tuesday was so great Missouri Conservation Department biologists and field representatives fear the balance built into the restocking may have been upset; everyone caught fish -- bass, channel catfish, bullheads and bluegill.

Circuit Judge W. Osler Statler has ruled Little River Drainage District must stand trial on the two charges of stream contamination pending against it; the district is charged with contaminating drainage ditches in the Arbor area on two occasions in late March; a large number of fish allegedly died as a result of the spraying of a combination of herbicides and fuel oil along the ditches for brush control.

The Rev. Paul R. Swilling, superintendent of the Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in St. Louis, is the guest speaker at the morning service at Christ Evangelical Church; the pastor, the Rev. Arno H. Franke, is in Minier, Illinois, preaching the sermon at the 75th anniversary service of St. John's Church there.

Following an extended illness, Anna Hecht, the wife of Louis Hecht, passes away at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis at the age of 51; she was born Aug. 12, 1894, in Kiev, Russia; until ill health forced her to discontinue her activities, she took great interest in community affairs and was actively associated with Hecht in the management of his store for many years; she was one of the officers of the local synagogue, as well as one of the organizers of the local B'Nai B'rith chapter.

Two Mormon missionaries have been holding services every evening for two weeks in the public square at Jackson, but their audiences have been very small; at times no one listens to them, but they sing, pray and preach to empty space with the same ardor as if a great crowd were listening.

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- The Chaffee City Council discharges the city's chief of police; he was found guilty of associating with men who are considered to be bootleggers; the impeachment came as a result of activity of Scott County Deputy Sheriff Tom Scott, who discovered the chief in a hotel room with several men and 16 quarts of contraband liquor; two of the men were said to be bootleggers.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

Out of the Past: Out of the past: June 2 (6/2/21) - Southeast Missourian

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