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Brooklyns Hasidic Community Reacts to a City-Declared Health …

| April 22, 2019

Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was hectic last Sunday. With less than a week left before the start of Passover, everyone was tending to last minute shopping

YIVO | Munkatsh Hasidic Dynasty

| April 21, 2019

Ultraconservative Hungarian Hasidic sect. The spiritual progenitor of Munkatsh Hasidism was Tsevi Elimelekh of Dinov (d. 1841), an outspoken opponent of the Haskalah and prolific author who served briefly as rabbi in Munkcs (Hun., more properly Munccs; Cz., Mukaevo; Yid., Munkatsh; now Ukr

A Young Hasidic Man Leads a Gay Double Life in Black Hat

| April 17, 2019

Religion is often seen and portrayed as the antithesis of LGBTQ identity.

Hasidism | modern Jewish religious movement |

| April 15, 2019

modern Jewish religious movement THIS IS A DIRECTORY PAGE.

YIVO | Apt Hasidic Dynasty

| April 13, 2019

Hasidic dynasty of the Heshel family, originating in the nineteenth century. Its main influence was in Podolia, Bucovina, Moldavia, and Bessarabia

Uman – Wikipedia

| April 9, 2019

City of regional significance in Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine Uman (Ukrainian: , Ukrainian pronunciation:[umn]; Polish: Huma) is a city located in Cherkasy Oblast (province) in central Ukraine, to the east of Vinnytsia. Located in the historical region of the eastern Podolia, the city rests on the banks of the Umanka River at around 4845N 3013E / 48.750N 30.217E / 48.750; 30.217. Uman serves as the administrative center of Uman Raion (district), but is designated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion

YIVO | Karlin-Stolin Hasidic Dynasty

| April 6, 2019

The first Hasidic sect established in Lithuania, and one of the major protagonists in the historic feud between the Hasidim and their rabbinic opponents, the Misnagdim. The founder of the Karlin-Stolin dynasty was Aharon ben Yaakov (17361772), known by generations of his followers as Aharon ha-Gadol (Aaron the Great).

Hasidic synonyms, Hasidic antonyms –

| April 3, 2019

One such potential factor emerges from recent advances in the study of the historical geography of Jewish Eastern Europe: the socio-geographical divide between the Hasidic and non-Hasidic (Mitnagdim) communities, to be factored with their religious, cultural, and institutional differences.The two Hasidic men in the photos are Yousef Rosenberg and David Weiss, Tamiz said.The second is Frank London, the virtuosic trumpet improviser of the Klezmatics, who is also one of Wood's secularist informers; he thus has little claim to insider status within Hasidic communities.If the Hasidic characters in francophone Quebecois writer Myriam Beaudoin's 2006 novel, Hadassa, are curious about what a non-Jewish person in Quebec does, thinks, and knows, the same sentiment could be said to exist tenfold in reverse, both within the book and outside of it.HASIDIC JUDAISM | FAITH | FAMILY | IDENTITY | CHOICES | ROMANCE | RACISMSo why would a Hasidic Jewish woman stock a store with clothes she can't wear?1700-1760) was the legendary founder of Judaism's mystical Hasidic movement.The rest of the two couple's children arrived from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where a Hasidic Jewish community had sheltered them for the past two years.God, love, authenticity, the Kaballah, and the coming of Moshiach (the Jewish messiah) are common themes for this Hasidic Jew-reggae-rap-rocker whose new album climbed to number one on the Billboard reggae chart.The son of Hasidic leader Reb Saunders, Danny looks to be his father's successor as spiritual leader or Tzaddik.Like the characters in I Am Forbidden, Anouk Markovits grew up in an ultra-orthodox Satmar Jewish community, an insular Hasidic sect.The 'Borat' star outraged Hasidic Jews in Jerusalem by wearing a camp version of their traditional costume.Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival as he promotes his new movie, The Dictator, Sacha revealed the danger he has faced in his controversial roles, and said: "A bunch of Hasidic Jews ran after me with rocks and I ended up hiding in a bathroom store.Summary: Jesse Eisenberg plays a Hasidic Jew from New York who gets lured in to being a drug mule in his latest film Holy Rollers.A state Supreme Court judge starting tomorrow is scheduled to rule on a motion to block the city from rezoning the so-called Broadway Triangle urban renewal area in Brooklyn, a 31-acre site that activists say has favored politically connected members of the Hasidic community in Williamsburg over African American residents of Bedford Stuyvesant.

I Escaped Hasidic Judaism and Went From Living on the Streets …

| April 2, 2019

In June 2008, exactly three years after I got married, I decided to get a divorce. I didn't fall out of love with my wife. In fact, I never fell in love with her in the first place.

Visiting a Brooklyn Hassidic Community – TripSavvy

| March 29, 2019

From Chinatown to Brighton Beach, there are numerous culturally vibrant neighborhoods in New York's melting pot.

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