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Posted By on May 27, 2021

ATLANTAThe Center for Studies on Africa and Its Diaspora (CSAD) at Georgia State University has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) of the Clinton Foundation to help Caribbean nations strengthen their educational systems in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSAD and CGI have established the Caribbean Educational Working Group (CEWG), made up of partners representing multilateral organizations, the private sector, policy makers, nonprofits and community members across the Caribbean region working to support development of innovative models for education delivery in response to the gaps and deficits revealed by the pandemic.

We are excited to partner with the Clinton Global Initiative and to help lead this important effort to improve educational opportunities for children in the Caribbean, said Jennie Ward-Robinson, co-director of operations and outreach for CSAD.

In our role as convener, the center draws upon the expertise of a highly distinguished group of faculty researchers, administrators, business professionals and policy partners, including people of Caribbean heritage who can lend a unique perspective to this vital work.

Since March 2020, the virus spread in the Caribbean has affected nearly 12 million learners in 29 Caribbean countries. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, school closures, interruption in classes and the cancelation or postponement of assessments and examinations have all had detrimental consequences for childrens education.

The disruptions caused by the pandemic have exposed pre-existing gaps in access, equity and quality, and the most vulnerable populations are at risk of falling even further behind. Across the globe, African Diasporic communities, often in low-to-middle income countries, have found their ability to respond to these challenges is limited by economic, academic and technological resources.

Following natural disasters and global health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, students need immediate support to return to normal as soon as possible, said Gauree Patel, manager at the Clinton Global Initiative. This unique partnership between CGI and Georgia State will help to reinforceand reimaginethe fundamental role education can and does play in empoweringstudents, their communities, and our economies, both during and after disaster strikes.

CEWG is working to foster collaboration and generate solutions to the challenges identified by local partners. The working group will provide members a forum to:

To learn more, and for a list of CEWG resources, go to the Clinton Foundation blog.

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Georgia State University, Clinton Global Initiative Partner To Improve Educational Opportunity In The Caribbean - Georgia State University News

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