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Overton artist Nick Yamashita (right) and Las Vegas artist Gig Depio pose for a photo next to Soaring a mixed media work by Yamashita which is currently on exhibit at the Las Vegas City Hall Chamber Gallery until July 15.

The work of a local artist is front-and-center in a special art exhibit in the Chamber Gallery at Las Vegas City Hall. A vibrantly-colored piece entitled Soaring was created by Overton resident Nicholas Yamashita. The work is a central part of a themed exhibit entitled Diaspora curated by Las Vegas artist Gig Depio.

Soaring is a mixed-media work. It began as a vibrant photograph of a Native American ceremonial dancer taken by Yamashita himself. Yamashita then added brilliant color to it using acrylic paint. The result is a stunning work brimming with vibrant movement and life.

How it was selected to appear in this months exhibit is an interesting story, Yamashita said. The work was previously shown at a small exhibit at the Lost City Museum. Also showing artwork at that exhibit was Depio.

Depio has another Moapa Valley connection. He is the creator of the local-heritage mural which is located on a large wall inside the meeting hall of the Overton Community Center.

Gig saw (Soaring) at that exhibit and he really liked it, Yamashita said. So when he was putting this show together at Las Vegas City Hall, he asked if it could be part of that show.

Diaspora brings together the work of nine different artists, each of Asian American/Pacific Island heritage. The common thread bringing all these widely varying cultures together is the American experience.

That is what puts Yamashitas work in a prominent central spot at the exhibit. Yamashita is the fourth generation since his Japanese ancestry immigrated to the U.S. In addition, Yamashita has a daughter who is a Navajo tribal member.

I think that Gig kind of saw this work as the American link bringing all of the various Asian/Pacific Island cultures together, Yamashita said.

Yamashita said that it was an honor to be a part of such an important show. On Thursday, June 3, a special reception was held where all nine participating artists could mingle with the public and answer questions. Yamashita said this was a novel experience for him.

Ive done exhibits before but nothing on this level with such high-caliber artworks and artists around me, he said. There were all these well-known artists dropping in, and college students and professors. It was a whole new experience and I got really good feedback from it.

Yamashita said that the experience may bring additional opportunities to show his artwork. I had some gallery owners and curators ask me for proposals to do other shows, Yamashita said. So who knows what may come of that?

Diaspora is on display now until July 15. The Las Vegas City Hall gallery is located at 495 S. Main St. in downtown Las Vegas.The gallery is open Monday thru Thursday 7 am to 5:30 pm. It is closed Friday Sunday. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

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Local Artist's Work Featured In LV City Hall Exhibit - mvprogress

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