gaza strip | Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Part 2

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Retaliatory Israel strike hits Gaza rocket launchers October 28, 2013 6:50am Israeli airstrikes hit two concealed rocket launchers in the northern Gaza Strip in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza on southern Israel.More Egyptian authorities seized one ton of explosives headed for Gaza.More A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel hit a house near Sderot on Friday morning, but no one was injured.More Former President Jimmy Carter called unacceptable a court ruling that declared the State of Israel is not responsible for the death of Rachel Corrie.More U.S. ambassador to Israel met with the family of American activist Rachel Corrie prior to a verdict in a civil case against the State of Israel and reiterated that prior investigations were not satisfactory.More Seven years after Israels disengagement from the Gaza Strip, many former residents of Gush Katif no longer consider themselves part of the settler movement.More The head of Hamas in Gaza said Egypts new president would shield Gaza from attacks by Israel and would lift the blockade.More Israeli authorities warned residents of areas bordering the Gaza Strip to keep within 15 seconds access of shelters.More

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gaza strip | Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Part 2

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