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Posted By on August 25, 2022

Its been a while since weve heard from B.o.B, but the Georgia born rapper is now speaking out in a rare interview to address longstanding accusations that he promotes anti-semitism and holocaust denial. The Nothing On You rapper was scheduled to headline Welcome Week at University of Central Florida earlier in the month, until his 2016 track Flatline resurfaced, causing UCF students to petition his performance.

Students and staff claim that Flatline pushesconspiracy theories and anti-Semitic views, with one member of UCFs Jewish community saying, We dont need this performance. We dont need him here. Theres another wonderful performer Bee Miller will be there and theres a slew of other wonderful events."

On Tuesday (August 23), TMZ caught up withB.o.B as he opened up about the shows cancellation and his infamous controversial track, sharing There were threats to cancel the show, but everything got worked out. I feel like a lot of things got blown out of proportion from that whole time period. The Airplanes star added, I just feel like I dont really have any ill intentions in my heart, and Im an honorable person. I treat people respectfully. Im not prejudiced. And I feel like you cant really stop somebody, you cant cancel somebody like that.

This isnt the first time Bobby Ray'sconspiracy theories have caused theissues in the star's life. In 2020, he revealed that at one point, hefeared for his life after sharing his opinionsthat the Earth is flat. He told HipHop DX, "Anybody that speaks truth to power or says controversial thingsends up dead. I was for sure, I was like, They gon' try and get me, bruh."

See what else B.o.B. had to say below.


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B.o.B. Addresses Claims Of Promoting Anti-Semetism And Holocaust Denial - HotNewHipHop

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