He Warned That The Declaration Of Holocaust Denial By Chavista Businessman Esteban Trapiello Is A "hate Crime". – Nation World News

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Esteban Trapiello said he would like to have lunch with Adolf Hitler

A Venezuelan businessman identified with Chavismo denied the Holocaust and said he would like to have lunch with the genocidal Nazi Adolf Hitler for asking Why didnt you finish your work?The Confederation of Israeli Federations of Venezuela (CAIV) rejected his statements.

In a statement, CAIV expressed its complete denial of Esteban Trapiellos statements on the Per de Calvos program.

Jive reviewed the program of the moment: With which character would he have lunch with Hitler or with Fidel?So being universal wisdom, the biggest task Hitler proposed was not a final solution to the Jewish problem, where from the beginning of 1942 to the end of World War II, 6 million people were killed. People for the simple fact of being Jewish, half a million of whom were children, makes us understand the dimension of this kind of disgusting statement, adding to the said program talking about the Holocaust, I dont believe that story. can do

Denialism as a historical narrative based on non-belief in the existence of the Holocaust, including the project of treating people as inferior to the face of the earth, as ratified in the Convention on January 20, 1942. Nazi Vanasi by hierarchies, Displays brash and reckless ignorance, as well as delusional anti-SemitismHighlighting CAIV.

Along these lines, the agency highlighted that constitutional law against hatred, peaceful coexistence and tolerance, punishes behavior that has been classified as hate crimes and in this sense, we alert you and inform you. to the collective as well as to the parts of the public power in charge of its implementation.


Stephen TrapielloChannel founder and director your tvWhen asked who he would like to have lunch with among characters like Adolf Hitler or Fidel Castro, he replied: With both. To ask Hitler why he could not accomplish what he wanted to do.

As he began to explain why he wanted to meet Fidel CastroInterviewer Vladimir Villegas interrupted him for his statement about the leader of the Third Reich.

Trapiello deepened: He didnt finish what he was going to do. Villegas told him: Finish with the Jews, finish with the Communists. To which Trapiello, hiding behind ignorance, replied: I dont know what he was going to do, he killed himself. I wasnt there at the time.

There was no holocaust? Are you the one in denial?Villegas questions him, making it clear that he is the son of a Jewish refugee and a communist.

Everyone tells their own story and I was not into that story. I dont read, I watch movies. Since the movies are from Hollywood, they kind of tell a story to me. The story depends on who tells it, argued the businessman, the son of the Asturians, who fled the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Trapiello, who identified himself as Chvez ChavistaRefraining from saying whether he is from the left or the right, he also spoke harshly of Venezuelan immigrants, with particular criticism of those who derain through Colombia and Venezuela to try to reach the United States. cross the area.

The people who went through Darien did it because they were stupid, said Esteban Trapiello

They do it for idiots, for idiots, for idiots!, He accused the opposition and the media of manipulating the Venezuelan people.

How did the people leave? Was the departure manipulated or not? They believed they could sink the country. Its stupid to walk through the Darien woods. He who goes for the fool must die for the fool. Tell me whos going to Darien to find out whos taking the risk. Pure fool.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants of different nationalities have passed through that forest. According to the portal so far this year a fronterabove it 68 thousand people crossed the areaAnd 18 deaths have been recorded.

Trapiello, who claims to drive Successful careers of 72 artists including musicians and actors, also slandered the media and indicated that Venezuelan journalism is nonsense, as well as the National Association of Journalists. As he shot, They have become not only opinion-makers, but political leaders, but they have all failed. He said about photojournalists that Ill bomb everyone.

In interviews, he defined the Chavista minister as a life friend and a political event. Tarek Al Aisami.

Popular Will Party leader David Smolansky criticized the businessman after the uproar of his statements: The Chavista ideology in 2 minutes () What a Nazi you are, Trapiello. Trash.

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He Warned That The Declaration Of Holocaust Denial By Chavista Businessman Esteban Trapiello Is A "hate Crime". - Nation World News

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