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Posted By on June 16, 2021

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, said Tuesday that recent reports of him making a donation to a Holocaust-denying pastor are false.

Gohmert said the misunderstanding is a result of his campaign treasurer making a mistake while filing payment for music at a campaign event in December with the Federal Election Commission.

In December, the Louie Gohmert for Congress Committee wrote a check to Steve Amerson Ministries for $5,500 to have Christian singer Steve Amerson of California to sing at a campaign fundraiser.

He's been referred to as America's tenor, Gohmert said. He is just a sweetheart of a man, a very strong Christian just a wonderful, wonderful human being. He comes to Capitol Hill a lot. He spends time with Democrats and Republicans. He's just a wonderful, caring person.

However, Gohmert said when his treasurer saw the check go through, he read it as Steve Anderson. The treasurer looked up the name online and found Anderson a preacher known for denying the Holocaust and making anti-semitic statements in Arizona. The treasurer used that name and address for the election commission filing.

Gohmerts team shared a copy of the check with the Tyler Morning Telegraph showing Steve Amerson Ministries listed as the name on the check dated Dec. 17, 2020.

We've got pictures. It wasn't the Holocaust denier Steve Anderson in Arizona, Gohmert said. I would not be sending him any money. Steve (Amerson) came and performed, and everybody absolutely loved him. He's in California and totally two different people.

Gohmert said the misunderstanding gained attention recently when The Daily Beast reported Gohmerts campaign donated to Anderson by mistake.

When the Daily Beast contacted one of my people last night, they asked me, and I said, 'I've never sent a check to Steve Anderson,' he said. I wouldn't do that, but if it was in December it was Steve Amerson. So I went online, got the check, but the Daily Beast was not interested in getting a copy of the check. That was going to ruin their leftist story.

Gohmert reiterated that he has zero relationship or contact with Anderson.

Anybody that knows me knows how strongly I feel about the Holocaust and about our relationship with Israel, he said.

He said the election commission filing was amended Tuesday morning.

(Amerson) cashed the check, that's who got the check, and mistakes happen, Gohmert said. It happened in this case, and the Daily Beast and the several other ankle biter media that just parrot what the far left says like the Daily Beast. They're running with a story that I'm some Holocaust denier. It's just a lie. It's not true. There's no relationship there, and there never will be.

To ensure a similar mistake doesn't happen in the future, Gohmert said his treasurer, if unsure, will check with him and not just look online for a name or address.

Gohmert added its apparent hes been targeted for the Trump treatment and receiving negative spin, noting that most stories about former President Donald Trump were negative.

I'm starting to get that, and so it's really encouraging to me for the far left to think that I'm that important. I'm really invigorated to know that I matter that much to them, he said. I'm fired up. I'm ready for more battles.

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Gohmert: Reports of campaign donating to Holocaust-denying pastor are incorrect - Tyler Morning Telegraph

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