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Four Jewish-themed, award-winning documentary films produced in the United States, Israel, France and Canada will be shown virtually on four consecutive weeks beginning Tuesday, Feb. 15 and continuing through March 11. Each film will be available from noon on Tuesday for 72 hours, concluding at noon on Friday.

To register to view films visit A subscription for all five films is $36. Films can be viewed one film at a time for $12 each. Virtual screenings must be pre-paid in advance by visiting You will receive the login code the first morning of the screening and a Zoom code for discussions, if one is scheduled, on Thursday.

These films have garnered international film awards and nominations, and have received recognition at film festivals throughout the United States, Europe and Israel.

The DOC Series schedule is as follows:

Feb. 15 - 18: Yerusalem, The Incredible Story of Ethiopian Jewry - For 2500 years, the Jews of Ethiopia believed that they were the last Jews on Earth. Deeply connected to their faith, Yerusalem brings to life the long, dramatic and tumultuous journey of this community as they finally find their way back to the heart of the Jewish people, Jerusalem. Hebrew, Ethiopian, subtitles 90 minutesTrailer:

Feb.. 22-25: Mish Mish - In a basement near Paris a treasure - trove of Egyptian animated films has been found. The films show the work of the Arab worlds pioneers in this genre, the Frenkel brothers: three exceptional young film - makers, creators of Mish-Mish Effendi, the Mickey Mouse of the entire region, which disappeared from Egyptian screens when the State of Israel was created. English, Hebrew, French, subtitles 74 minutesTrailer:

March 1- 4: Outremont and the Hasidim - The challenges of accommodating the "Hasidim", or ultra-Orthodox Jews, in the affluent Montral borough of Outremont highlight the need for relationship building. After settling there more than 70 years ago, the Hasidim are a rapidly growing minority group which today represents about 23 percent of Outremont's population. The growing presence of the Hasidim and their believed refusal to integrate causes distrust and fear. English, French, Yiddish, subtitles 53 minutesTrailer: 8 - 11: The Legacy of Aristides - In June 1940 in Bordeaux, France Aristides de Sousa Mendes saved tens of thousands of Jews and non-Jews by issuing them visas for Portugal. As the Portuguese consul to France in the early years of the Second World War, Sousa Mendes found himself continually more restricted by the policies of Portugal's prime minister, who had assumed a position of neutrality in his desire not to offend Hitler. French, subtitles 72 minutesTrailer:

"A committee of dedicated volunteers reviews an average of 25 documentary films each year in order to choose four films," officials said. "Films screened at major national and international film festivals, those recommended by peers throughout the United States and those brought to the committees attention by filmmakers are included in the selection process."

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Jewish Documentary Film Series Begins Feb. 15 At The Jewish Cultural Center For 4 Consecutive Weeks - The Chattanoogan

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