Marvin Chomsky, Director of Roots and Holocaust, Dies at 92 – The New York Times

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While working as an art director on the series The Doctors and the Nurses in the early 1960s, Mr. Chomsky was asked by the shows executive producer, Herbert Brodkin, if he wanted to become a producer. Mr. Chomsky declined, saying hed rather be a director. He went on to direct three episodes of the show, followed by a long run of work on series like The Wild Wild West, Star Trek, Gunsmoke, Mission: Impossible, Hawaii Five-O and Mannix.

After Roots and Holocaust, Mr. Chomsky won Emmys for directing Attica (1980), a TV movie about the bloody prison riot in upstate New York, and Inside the Third Reich (1982), a two-part film based on the autobiography of Albert Speer, Hitlers minister of armaments and war production.

He won his fourth Emmy as a producer of Peter the Great (1986), a mini-series about the Russian czar Peter I, starring Maximilian Schell, which Mr. Chomsky also co-directed with Lawrence Schiller.

His last credits include Strauss Dynasty (1991), a mini-series about the Austrian musical family, and Catherine the Great (1995), a TV movie starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In addition to his son Eric, Mr. Chomsky is survived by his other sons, Peter and David, and a granddaughter. He was separated from his second wife, Christa Baum-Chomsky. His marriage to Tobye Kaplan ended in divorce.

Eric Chomsky said his father had wanted the facts in his work to stand up to scrutiny:

I worked with him on The Deliberate Stranger a 1986 mini-series about the serial killer Ted Bundy and my whole job was to read the trial transcripts to make sure the script was accurate.

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Marvin Chomsky, Director of Roots and Holocaust, Dies at 92 - The New York Times

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