Ben Shapiro mocks George Santos over claim his heritage is Jew-ish

Posted By on February 25, 2023

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro took a swing at liarcongressman George Santos over his dubious longstanding claim that he has 'Jew-ish' heritage.

'What he should have said is, "On the inside, I feel Jewish,"' joked Shapiro, who is himself Jewish, in an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Wednesday night. 'I feel so Jewish on the inside, what are you going to do, challenge my feelings?'

Just days ago, Morgan also interviewed Santos himself, who admitted that he 'got away' with lying on the campaign trail by wildly embellishing his resume and personal history.

However, the Long Island Republican stuck by his guns on the heritage claim, saying he had called himself 'Jew-ish' as a joke throughout his life due to purported Jewish ancestry on his mother's side.

'He's almost the apex predator of politicians at this point, he's reached the logical endpoint of where our politics is going,' remarked Shapiro, a writer and podcaster who founded the Daily Wire conservative news site.

'We have just reached a sort of post-truth era, not in that people don't pay attention to the truth, but I'm not even sure how many people care about the truth,' said Shapiro.

At various points, Santos has claimedhe is 'Jewish,' 'Jew-ish,' 'half Jewish' 'a proud American Jew' a 'Latino Jew' and a non-observant Jew, though genealogy searches reveal no family ties to Judaism, according to Jewish Insider.

During one interview, Santos said his family name on his mother's side was the historically Jewish name 'Zabrovsky.'

He claims that his grandfather was born in Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union, and migrated to Belgium in 1940 or 41 when he met his grandmother.

Speaking to Fox Digital last year he said: 'We don't carry the Ukrainian last name, for a lot of people who are descendants of World War II refugees or survivors of the Holocaust, a lot of names or paperwork were changed in the name of survival.'

However reports indicate that there have been no successful efforts to find any Jewish or Ukrainian heritage at all in his family tree, according to the Forward.

Santos said in a separate interview in 2020 that he was raised by 'a white Caucasian mother, an immigrant from Belgium.

But Santos' mother, Fatima Devolder, was born in Brazil, according to her obituary in 2016.

Speaking to Morgan he said that his heritage was an argument that he would 'battle to his grave'.

He added: 'I have already ordered those DNA test kits, I've done four of them and I am so far waiting for the returns which I am very curious to share those with everybody.

'My grandparents fled from Belgium to Brazil, and faked a lot of documents. It has happened to other people, and they received apology letters. I will be the same story.'

However the congressman denied ever saying he was Jewish, telling Morgan that he was a Christian who was 'Jew-ish' a joke he claims he has made throughout his life.

He said: 'I never claimed to be Jewish. It was a party favor joke. I say that my grandparents are Jewish on my mothers' side, and I am Jew-ish.

'There were thousands of people in a room at the RJC in November who all laughed at that joke.'

However, he admitted previously that he had 'embellished' his resume during his successful 2022 House campaign - and his unsuccessful 2020 bid.

The Long Island Rep told Piers Morgan: 'I've been a terrible liar on those subjects and what I try to convey to the American people is I made mistakes of allowing the pressure of what I thought needed to be done.

'This wasn't about tricking anybody. It wasn't about tricking the people it was about getting accepted by the local party.'

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Ben Shapiro mocks George Santos over claim his heritage is Jew-ish

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