Muna El-Kurd: Jews are Zionist Dogs, and ‘Palestine’ Should Be Ethnically Cleansed of Them – Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in…

Posted By on April 25, 2022

Thank you to CAMERA Arabic for the translation and analysis.

On April 23, video of a conversation involving Muna El-Kurd was posted on an Instagram account, during which El-Kurd begins by urging someone named Fathi not to suggest that there are Jews (not Zionists, not Israelis, but Jews) in solidarity with Palestinians. Fathi responded that yes, there is a Jew from the left-wing there. At this point, El-Kurd angrily interjects:

There is no left-wing! It is all right-wing, it is all settlers, and it is all Zionist dogs. If someone wants to be in solidarity with me, he should get out of Palestine, [then] be in solidarity with me. (Translated by CAMERA Arabic)

This statement, at best, is an open call for Palestine to be ethnically cleansed of Jews. This would include all of Israel, considering that she openly declares that Palestine is from its sea to its river. Considering that polls show that as many as 95% of American Jews have favorable views of Israel, the embodiment of Zionism, it seems Muna has some rather dehumanizing terminology for diaspora Jews, too. Referring to Jews as dogs is a common antisemitic term, particularly among Palestinians and even among antisemites at the United Nations. Chants of Jews are our dogs are heard fairly regularly at demonstrations. No matter what way you slice it, Munas words are deplorable and overtly bigoted.

The statement also exposes the emptiness of the supposed principles of individuals like El-Kurd. While openly calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews, her social media accounts are replete with cries to #EndEthnicCleansing. Its yet another example of how much of anti-Israel activism is not about principled human rights, but about the destruction of the Jewish state and the denial of Jewish self-determination.

An Instagram post from Muna El-Kurd showing the red general prohibition symbol over a visibly Jewish person.

What makes this all the more disturbing is that this is the woman the media has fawned over for the last year. TIME named both her and her twin brother Mohammed among its list of the 100 most influential people in 2021, claiming they challenged existing narratives about Palestinian resistancehumanizing the experiences of their neighbors. Charismatic and bold, they became the most recognizable voices of those threatened with losing their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. In July 2021, The Times published a glowing profile of the two that, as CAMERA-UK wrote, resembles a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) press release. The Financial Times claimed Muna and her brothers calls for justice echo the same values of equality that fuel global campaigns such as Black Lives Matter.

Apparently, the value of equality includes referring to Jews as dogs and calling for them to be ethnically cleansed.

The media cannot claim they could not have known about El-Kurds extremism. Social media posts from long before her 2021 rise to fame displayed open antisemitism and frequent praise for infamous terrorists like Dalal al-Mughrabi, who led the Coastal Road Massacre terrorist attack, murdering 38 Israelis, including 13 children.

But this story is not just about media outlets riding catchy, profitable narratives at the expense of actual journalistic investigation. Its also a story about the radical Jewish left and the role theyve played in normalizing this extremism.

A Jewish Voice for Peace Twitter post containing a video of Muna El-Kurd and calling on people to support Palestinians against Israeli ethnic cleansing

Just a couple of months ago, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) shared a video of El-Kurd calling on people to support Palestinians defending their homes against Israeli ethnic cleansing. Expect crickets from JVP in response to El-Kurds call to ethnically cleanse Jews. After all, in El-Kurds world, groups like JVP are, as the old descriptor goes, useful idiots. According to her, there is no such thing as a leftist Jew; just settlers and Zionist dogs. So much for JVPs ideas of joint struggle now that El-Kurd has declared it impossible.

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Muna El-Kurd: Jews are Zionist Dogs, and 'Palestine' Should Be Ethnically Cleansed of Them - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in...

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