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Posted By on October 10, 2022

Pete Davidson had no idea he had any Jewish heritage until he took a DNA test in 2017 and discovered his ancestral roots. His mom never told him, but he is actually 48 percent Jewish, while his mom is Irish.

The comedians late father, who worked as a firefighter, passed away on 9/11when Pete was just seven years old. From that day onwards, his mom raised him, but had never thought to mention that his father was Jewish.

He went on to pay homage to his father by playing basketball in several leagues, including for the Fire Department andthe Jewish Community Center League. Lets look at Petes ancestry, which he fully discovered only five years ago.

Pete, who always wanted to be Jewish, found out his heritage during a 2017 ancestry DNA test. However, he had no idea he had any connections before doing so, as his mom never mentioned that his father was Jewish.

During a radio interview on HOT 97, Pete said:

Im just an Irish Jew My mom was Irish, my dad was Jewish. I just found out, like this year. My mom just never told me. I was raised Catholic and then I just did that blood test, ancestry stuff, and thought, wait, where is this 48 percent Jew stuff coming from?!

He revealed it was a celebration, and said he feels ecstatic about his newly-found heritage. Pete also said earlier in the interview that many people have always thought he is biracial.

Petes late dad Scott Matthew Davidson was a New York firefighter who died in 2001 at the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. He was Jewish of American nationality, and born in Brooklyn, New York.

Scott was predominantly Jewish with some distant German, Irish, and Italian roots. He was raised Catholic, like Pete went on to be, and attended St. Joseph by the Sea High School, where his son also went for education.

Petes mom Amy, born in Brooklyn, New York, works as a nurse and is also a mother to his sister Casey. She has made a few debuts on Saturday Night Live, which her son used to be a full-time cast member on.

In March 2022, Petes mom started trending after it was revealed that she supported her son having children with his then-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. However, the two have since split up.

Amy is clearly her sons biggest supporter, often sharing snippets of Petes working career. On National Sons Day in March, she revealed that she couldnt be more proud of the man he is today.


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Pete Davidson suddenly discovered he is 48 percent Jewish after 2017 DNA test - Reality Titbit - Celebrity TV News

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