That Time William Shatner Took On As-a-Jew Cyberbully Anna Rajagopal

Posted By on July 10, 2022

Yesterday I posted a new reason to love William Shatner. But it turns out there has been another reason hiding in plain sight on Twitter for quite a while.

Last year, for reasons it is hard for me to ascertain, a bunch of wokesters piled up on Bill. It seems to do with something he may have said about a character on Supernatural.

Those wokesters included some with a Star of David in their profile, which signifies as-a-Jewness in this context.

One of those to join the pile-on was none other than cyberbully and Israel-hater Anna Rajagopal, who recently called Zionists unattractive. And Bill was not having any of it, calling her out for as-a-Jewing, as well as for trolling and generally despicable tweets:

A month later, and Bill mentioned Rajagopal, albeit not by name:

prompting a fresh outburst from her:

He is fine, Anna. It is you I would be worried about, since you are clearly still bent out of shape over a year later:

At least she admits she enjoys slander, which is probably the only true thing she has ever tweeted.

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That Time William Shatner Took On As-a-Jew Cyberbully Anna Rajagopal

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