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BOCA RATON (VINnews) Antisemitism has become a crisis that is only increasing, and threatening our nation, the world, and universities. The question is how do the BDS activists on college campuses carry out antisemitism and get others to jump on their bandwagon? By creating a hostile climate. They accuse Jewish students of racism because they support a Jewish state. They declare Israel to be illegitimate while claiming that the Palestinians are merely seeking a homeland. It has gotten so bad that not only are Jewish students denied equal participation in student affairs, but the antisemitism has risen so brazenly that they chant genocidal slogans celebrating the forthcoming destruction of Israel.

With us today is Dr. Richard L. Cravatts, to discuss this issue at great length is. Dr. Cravatts has published over 550 articles and book chapters on campus anti-Semitism, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and campus free speech. He recently authored Jew Hatred Rising that is available for free.

Dr. Cravatts explains how the anti-Israel group SJP, Students For Justice in Palestine operate, and also why intelligent students are buying into their propaganda while ignoring the reality of Arab aggression, murder, and suicide bombers, and also why there is no mention ever made of Arab terror, again and again.

He discusses the recent action by the Duke Student Government, DSG president Christina Wang to withhold recognition to a new pro-Israel student group, and that free speech, particularly on campus, academic speech is only free, depending on who is speaking, as well as the shocking behavior of the student government in Pomona College where they successfully pushed a resolution that would compel student clubs to participate in a boycott of specific companies that do business with Israel.

Dr. Cravatts goes into discussion about how the campuses in Europe compare to the universities in the US with regard to supporting terror and denouncing Israel.

As an important message for people to understand is he explains what being proPalestine really means, and how the perpetrators of antisemitism cry victim, as Crybully in campus Anti-Israel activism.

The Definitive Rap expresses deepest condolences to the families of the 4 Israeli victims, and gives tribute to Doris Yahbas, Laura Yitzchak, Rabbi Moshe Kravitzky, and Menachem Yecheskel, who were recently stabbed to death in Beersheba.

Baila Sebrow is an acclaimed journalist, inspirational international speaker, and 5TJT columnist who hosted numerous radio and Cable TV shows, including Insight/Israel. Baila is also an educator, and active on many human rights and political causes. Baila is the Founder and President of Neshoma Advocates, Inc., servicing children and families at-risk. She is also a world renowned matchmaker and relationship coach, and president of Baila Sebrow Events, LLC. She has been been featured in various publications, including The New York Times.

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THE DEFINITIVE RAP: Jew Hatred Rising Interview With Richard Cravatts, PhD - VINnews

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