Woke Jew Haters Ilhan Omar and Squad Expose Their Inferiority

Posted By on August 4, 2023

Ilhan Omar stated that there is no way in Hell she would attend the address to Congress by Israeli president, Isaac Herzog. The Squad of five plus four other Woke progressive Democrat Jew-haters (comprising two percent of 435 House representatives) unified to declare Israel racist. In a 412-9 House of Representatives vote supporting Israel, these progressive Democrats proclaimed their Jew-hatred loud and clear. They are:

(For the record, note that the majority of Black and vast majority of Democrat House members voted for Israel as did all Republicans.)

These Jew-haters, who hide behind the excuse of anti-Zionism, dream of Israels demise and the rise of a country in its stead built on a foundation of Arab Muslim terrorism. Will it happen? No way on Earth nor in Omars Hell.

Many of us strong Zionists are contemptuous of Isaac (Buji) Herzog, Israels ceremonial president. He is a far cry from his father and grandfather but has leveraged their surname well. Herzog is a lifetime leftist, long-time head of the socialist Israeli Labor Party. In his role as ceremonial president, he is not an impartial figure, and the reason is obvious. This guy headed the socialist Labor Party when it opposed Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahus Likud coalition in elections, and he lost repeatedly to Bibi. He was Government Secretary from 1999-2001, under Israels historically incompetent Prime Minister, the Leftist Ehud Barak, now an outspoken member of the extreme leftist Meretz Party, and a world traveler famous for his especially close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Then Buji was a socialist Labor Party Knesset member for sixteen years from 2003-2018. He was Chairman of the Labor Party from 2013-2017, and he led the Knesset Opposition and the fight against Netanyahu and Likud from 2013-2018. He was Labor Party candidate for prime minister in 2015. Ten days after he was elected to head Labor, Buji met with Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) topledge his fealtyto the Two State Solution. In all, he has devoted more than twenty years of public life to opposing and fighting Netanyahu.

Buji might fairly be called a three-time loser. In Israel, which has been dominated by conservative political values and religiously traditional family values for half a century since Menachem Begins earthquake political victory over Labor Socialist Shimon Peres in 1977, the leftists of Labor cannot win elections. So they manipulate when they get a turn at the ceremonial presidency. Still, there is no way in Hell that a Jew hater like Ilhan Omar can transcend her Somalian Muslim hatred of Jews even when the Jew is an anti-Bibi leftist like Buji.

Much of it is deep jealousy, reflecting her own pathetic inadequacy. She feels inadequate because, frankly, she is inadequate. In Buji, she sees someone who descended from a worthy former Israeli president and Israeli U.N. Ambassador. His grandfather was Chief Rabbi of Israel. But even more than that, Omar knows that Herzog descends from the Jewish people, who gave the world a moral code, an emphasis on education and reading and writing without Affirmative Action, a people who are at the center of history. He descends from a people who gave the world monotheism and civil law that excludes dismembering thieves. Omars Islam, by contrast, chops off the hands of a thief, and who knows what they do to rapists gender-affirming surgery?

Unlike Omar, Herzog descends from a people who stood at Mount Sinai, amid lightning and thunder and the ever-escalating call of the shofar, as G-d Almig-ty revealed Himself to a nation of millions, gave them His Torah, and resonated His Ten Pronouncements.

And Omar? She comes from Muslim Somalia and votes the Somalian line, even to the degree that she is anti-Armenian because Somalia aligns with Turkey. Somali pride? Somalia has one of the worlds very lowest GDPs per capita and is a proud member of the LDC: Least Developed Countries. Really. In terms of Human Asset Index, the rating for the average Developing Country is 78.1.By contrast, the average LDC is 57.6 Somalia is less than half that: 24.3.Got that? As to Gross National Income, the average Developing Country is rated as 6,666. The average LDC is only 1,274. Somalia is less than one-tenth at 104. Got that? In 2019, Somalia had the lowest HDI (Human Development Index) in the world, and 69 percent of their population are below the poverty level. It is second in the world on the Fragile States Index. Thats also a real thing. In other words, Ilhan Omar looks at Jews and at Israel, and she salivates with envy and jealousy: How did those Jews out-do the Somalis, the Muslims, the Arab world . . . with no oil underground, just a bunch of ragged Holocaust survivors and fleeing Jews exiled from Arab Muslim countries?

It gnaws at her; she knows it. In terms of morality, she previously married her brother. Fortunately for her, he identifies as male because LGBTQ activity in Somalia is punishable by death. On the list of Nobel Prize winners, Israels population of 9 million have accounted for 13 Nobel prizes. Somalias population of 17 million, twice Israels population, has not accounted for twice the number of Israels Nobel prizes unless zero is twice thirteen. She comes from a heritage of zero. The Ishai Ribo song could have been dedicated to her.

She is jealous, as are all the Squad and their ilk. At the core, the American Left has taught too many Blacks (though thankfully not all) to look upon themselves as victims. Blacks who were born a century and more after slavery ended still demand billions of dollars in reparations from Americans who immigrated to the United States from Ireland, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Jewish dispersions in Eastern Europe. These White immigrants arrived mostly after slavery ended or settled primarily in the North and nobly sacrificed their lives fighting for the Union to end slavery.

That is the bottom line. They are self-absorbed victims and resent Jewish success. They cannot figure out how only six or seven million Jews could have ended up in the middle of a Middle East comprised of dirt holes like Syria and Libya, and ended up so comparatively rich and successful. They cannot abide Jewish success, the beauty of Israel, the impossible fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that Jews again would be planting vineyards in Samaria and singing wedding songs in the cities of Judea and the outskirts of Jerusalem.

So they grasp at straws because they cannot process their cultures failures against Jewish success, and they fabricate their myth that the Jews must have done it by exploiting the Arabs. As if Arabs ever made anything fruitful of the Land of Israel, ever. The myth latches onto the claim of apartheid, based on no facts. Go into American Black neighborhoods in the inner cities, and you will find no White people living there. Apartheid? For a century, New Yorks boroughs were famous for their communities that were ethnically and racially homogeneous by choice: Chinatown, Little Italy, Hells Kitchen (Irish), Yorktown (German Americans) on Manhattans east side, Jews on the Lower East Side, Blacks in Harlem, Puerto Ricans in Spanish Harlem. Apartheid?

Arabs in Israel do awfully well for apartheid victims. Remember how frantic they got when Trump unveiled his Deal of the Century and proposed that the Arab Triangle in the Galilee be given over to the Palestine Authority, in exchange for Israeli formal annexation of Judea and Samaria? Oh, how those Arabs screamed and yelled with horror as they faced being taken from Israeli sovereignty and becoming part of Palestine. They begged to stay in Israel under Zionist suzerainty.

The American Left once loved Israel. They made loving movies like Exodus, where a blonde-haired American Christian falls in love with a Zionist fictional hero, Ari Ben Canaan. Those were the days my friend; we thought theyd never end. All Israelis were Paul Newman, and the Eva Marie Saints could not keep their hands off them.

And then Israel changed. Three horrible disasters forever ruined everything with the American left:

So this ceremonial head of state, Isaac Herzog, with no real influence and zero charisma but a nice title and a lifetime of leftist political leadership, came to America to speak to Congress. And the most fascinating part of the story is that the Jew Haters of the Squad are so anti-Semitic that they boycotted even Herzog, who is almost as far-left as they are. But his taint is that he is a Jew from Israel.

We see this leftist anti-Semitism everywhere. For example, Jews founded the movie industry, creating an Empire of Their Own. Yet, recently, a new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opened and Jews were all but erased from movie history. Never existed. And the Squad now is doing its best to erase Israel. Alas for Ilhan Omar, her dreams of a Palestine and eradicating Zionism will never happen. No way on earth or in wherever else Ilhan Omar ends up.

Adapted by the writer for The Jewish Press from a version of this article that first appeared here in The American Spectator.

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Woke Jew Haters Ilhan Omar and Squad Expose Their Inferiority

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