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Posted By on August 3, 2021

Gold Standard:Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyatplaced firstin the mens floor routine at the Tokyo Olympics, winning Israels second-ever gold medal.

Still In It:Also in Tokyo, Israels national baseball teambeatMexico 12-5 the first Olympic win for an Israeli baseball team. Team Israel thenlostits next game, to South Korea, 11-1. The team will face the Dominican Republic in an elimination game on Tuesday.

Digital Drama:The Center for Countering Digital Hate and the Anti-Defamation Leagueboth released reports allegingthat social media companies are failing to stop the spread of antisemitic content acting on as few as one in six reported examples, according to one of the reports.

Teamwork:Hillel International and the ADLwill partneron several initiatives to proactively address the rise in antisemitic activity on campus.

Campus Beat:The George Washington Universitys Graduate School of Education and Human Developmentwill offera two-year, part-time degree program in Israel education, the first university in the country to offer such a program. The Marcus Foundation donated $2.7 million to fund the program.

Damage Control:A publicist for Mel Gibsonsaidthat the actors upcoming project Rothchild, a satire film based on a wealthy New York family, is not connected to the Rothschild family at the core of many antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Found History:Homeowners doing a renovation in Fort Worth, Texas,discovereda nearly century-old mezuzah on one of the houses doorposts and returned the item to the original owners descendants.

Community Response:The Champlain Towers South collapse wasacutely feltby the Jewish community of Puerto Rico, where several victims had grown up and still maintained ties.

Calling Offsides:Billionaire businessmanRoman Abramovich hassuedthe author of a recent book on Russian President Vladimir Putin for writing that Putin ordered Abramovich to buy Chelsea FC, an English Premier League soccer team, in a bid to infiltrate British society.

Facing Justice:A 100-year-old former Sachsenhausen concentration camp guard, who has not been publicly named, willgo on trialthis fall in Germany.

Investigation:The amount of ammonium nitrate that caused the deadly explosion in Beiruts port last yearwas a fractionof the amount delivered in 2013, raising concerns about the whereabouts of the remainder of the shipment and why the material, which can be used to make fertilizer or bombs, was left in an unsecure area.

Deal Debate:Talks between Iran and world powers in Viennaappear to have hit an impassefollowing the election of hardliner Ebrahim Raisi to the presidency and Tehrans accelerated efforts to advance its nuclear program.

Keep the Beat:Israel-based Orthodox Jewish rapper Nissim Black is in New York, where heheadlineda concert in Passaic, N.J., last week before traveling to Monsey for Shabbat.

Mazel Tov:The New York Timesspotlightsthe wedding of Mosheh Oinounou and Alex Sall, who had their first date at a Jewish Food Society event in Manhattan.

Transition:Rabbi Gideon Black was named the new chief executive officer of the New York region of NCSY.

Retrospective:AWashington Postobituarylooks at the life of Ruth Pearl who died last month at 85 who moved to the U.S. at the age of 5 following the 1941 Baghdad pogrom and spent her later years bringing awareness to the murder of her son, the journalist Daniel Pearl.

Remembering:Musician Chuck E. Weissdiedat 76. Nicky Langesfeld, 26, and Luis Sadovnic, 28, who met at the University of Florida and married in January, wereamong the victimsin the Surfside, Fla., condominium collapse.

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Daily Kickoff: How the Jewish vote could swing Ohio 11 + The Squad targets nonprofit status of several Israel-related charities - Jewish Insider

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