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Posted By on September 8, 2022

As we welcome in the new year 5783, we look to our South Jersey community once again for your support. It is a critical time of year for the Jewish Federation and our family of agencies as we close our fiscal year and usher in a new fiscal year alongside the High Holy Days. With your generous gift, we can focus on lifting those who have fallen and nourishing those who are hungry, making sure not one Jewish person falls through the cracks.

At first glance, an older man living in Jerusalem has nothing in common with a single mother in Cherry Hill. And a 7-year-old girl with special needs in Delran is nothing like a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor from the former Soviet Union. While we may live in different places, speak different languages, and lead different lives, we are all connected through the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey. And when people are in need, our differences quickly disappear.

Your gift to our Jewish Federations annual JFund Campaign travels from Ukraine to Uruguay, from Madrid to Morocco, from the U.S. to Israel. In Israel, youre helping people like Sigal, who, through our partner agencies on the ground, aids victims of terror. In Eastern Europe, your support helps a new generation to rebuild Jewish communities that were all but decimated by the Holocaust and Soviet rule. Here in Jewish South Jersey, your support provides inspiration and mentorship to the next generation of leaders. And the good you do right in your own backyard keeps going. It enables children like Rachel to attend Jewish summer camp, where she is forming lifelong Jewish friendships and a deep attachment to Jewish community. Your gift also helps safeguard our Jewish community in the face of anti-Semitic attacks. With anti-Semitism on the rise, enhanced security measures are necessary to protect our Jewish community from harm.

We ask that you consider a gift to the Jewish Federations annual JFund Campaign this new year to help bring hope, dignity, and relief to those who need it right here in South Jersey, in Israel, and in 70 other countries around the world. Each gift to JFund helps in myriad ways, bringing food, shelter, and medication to the elderly and infirm; providing counsel and support to the abused and disadvantaged; inspiring the next generation of Jews with education, scholarships, outreach, and so much more.

Every dollar you give brings compassion and security to someone in need. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our Jewish Federations mission to care for those in need, enhance Jewish life, and ensure the continuity of a vibrant Jewish community locally, in Israel, and around the world.

You can make your 2022 JFund gift online at

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Your financial support is a lifeline to Jews at home and around the world - Jewish Community Voice

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