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Posted By on September 27, 2021

Gaza Strip of Philistine continues to be bombed by Israel with impunity. In the West Bank, its nefarious designs are aimed to annex the parts that are from Palestine. Israels administration has been determined to exercise the Jewish sovereignty over the remaining parts of Philistine but the international law is crystal clear that annexation extending one states sovereignty to a territory dead belongs to another state and treating it as its own by any means is illegal and not allowed.

Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention clearly states that the occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies. All that transpires is at the hands of Tel Aviv that has Americas full support in this annexation plan.

The USA is trying to come up with a solution to end the long-standing feud between both states, the administration of the USA in January 2020 released the much-touted Middle East plan which was quite ridiculous as it was heavily in the favor of Israel and was turned down immediately by the government of Palestine. USA administration supports Israeli expansion plans implies a repudiation of the Palestinian right to self-determination. The USAs response to the violation of international law differs from country to country.

In the case of Russias intervention in Ukraine, the USA imposed heavy economic sanctions but in the case of Israel, the USA is supporting it. The Abraham accord between the UAE and Israel is a huge development in the international Milieu. UAE is the third Arab country after Egypt and Jordan to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. All the Muslim countries have condemned this agreement. Iran has termed this deal a stab in the back of Palestinians, just in return of pity economic benefits. International community including the United States must stop Tel Aviv from inflicting more destruction on the Muslim state by imposing painful economic sanctions on it.



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Israel-Palestine and the Muslim world - The Nation

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