Palestine Rodeo set to make its return in 2021 –

Posted By on August 25, 2021

PALESTINE, Ill. (WTHI) -Things are usually pretty peaceful in downtown Palestine.But inside the Palestine chamber of commerce is a different story.That's where you'll find Vickie Perkins answering the phone.

Perkins says, "we are selling tickets here now over the phone. We have turned our PayPal off."

In 2020 the Palestine Rodeo was forced to be canceled.This year the rodeo is back on. That has kept the phone lines busy.

Perkins says, "We have people coming from Missouri and Tennessee. They come here for the camping and the enjoyment to get together."

Palestine's population sits just over 1,000 people.On average, the rodeo will bring the population in town to over three thousand.That's a big gain that was lost in 2020 for the small town.

Perkins explains, "We had no one in town. Of course, our restaurants and everything just suffered. But this year, it's just been a comeback."

The pioneer city arena is all set for Labor Day weekend.Signs for the rodeo began going up this week in downtown Palestine.Everyone is ready for this small town to make finally make that come back.

Perkins says, "We're getting excited. Very very excited."

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Palestine Rodeo set to make its return in 2021 -

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