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RANDOLPH TWP. On the recent Jewish holiday of Shavuot, Sunday, May 16, Rabbi Avraham Bekhor, the beloved rabbi of Chabad of Randolph, was hit by a car on Sussex Road in the middle of the night.

The driver fled, leaving the rabbi lying on the side of the dark highway, grievously injured. After he was rescued by a young woman who called the emergency services, Rabbi Bekhor was admitted to the hospital to undergo several procedures to reconstruct his shattered body and begin his road to recovery.

After Rabbi Avraham Bekhor was left with devastating injuries after a hit and run accident on the first night of the holiday of Shavuot, his Chabad of Randolph community came together and launched a Mitzvah-drive to honor their rabbi and to inspire him in his recovery, Chabad of Randolph spokesman Tzali Reicher said in a release issued Thursday, Aug. 12.

Rabbi Bekhor was hit at the end of May, and has been slowly recovering since, Reicher said.

He was walking alone after escorting a group of visiting rabbinical students, and was left alone on the dark highway after he was hit. The driver has still not been apprehended, he said.

His community took the initiative to honor his commitment to inspiring the Randolph community, and all Rabbi Bekhor has touched in his 20 years in town to participate in grassroots Do a Mitzvah campaign, in which just 100 people and families joined in. The rabbi was deeply moved by this gift, and has said it has helped as he slowly recovers from his injuries, which spanned his entire body.

In the more than 20 years that he has been serving the Randolph community, typically Rabbi Bakhor does the inspiring and uplifting of others, according to Reicher.

But in the last month, its clear that he has inspired others to in the community to lead, and they have been truly moving him by launching a mitzvah (good deed) campaign and encouraging communal growth and unity as a tribute to their beloved, injured rabbi, Reicher said.

Knowing that Rabbi Bekhors birthday was going to be a mere 10 days after his accident, community member Netanya Cohen launched a Do a Mitzvah for Rabbi campaign together with her family, to encourage fellow Randolph residents to take on a positive resolution and good deed in his honor.

They launched a website, encouraged people in their circles to take on a good deed and organized a pop-up stand outside the local ACME to invite people to participate in their campaign.

She couldnt have imagined how enthusiastic and excited the response would be.

From the moment the project was conceived, we were overwhelmed by all those who have wanted to celebrate and give back to Rabbi Bekhor after his years of service to the community, said Cohen. From laying tefillin, lighting Shabbat candles and doing an additional act of kindness, so many community members came together to do something positive in our beloved rabbis honor.

Participants sent in videos of them performing their chosen mitzvah, and organizers created a touching montage that was shared with the rabbi on his birthday. Bekhor says that the campaign has invigorated him as he continues his recovery from his injuries, and motivated him to come back even stronger than before.

In the weeks since the accident, in the spirit of greater growth, plans have been made to renovate Chabad of Randophs center.

This accidentwhich could have turned out so much worse than it did, thank Godhas given me the chance to take stock of all I have done in my time on this earth, and all that we want to leave as our legacy, he said.

We are going to use this difficult and dark chapter as the impetus for greater positivity and increased growth, harnessing the dedication, support and commitment of our beautiful community to push us to even greater heights.

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Area Rabbi struck by car; congregation bands, forms 'good deeds' drive - New Jersey Hills

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