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Posted By on August 29, 2021

A priest, a rabbi, and a preacher were on a boat ride when the rabbi told his companions that he was hungry. He jumped out of the boat and walked towards the land where he got some snacks.

The priest and the preacher watched the rabbi as he savored his mouth-watering snack on the land. They turned their gaze away from him and relaxed in the cool air.

But a while after, the priest also got thirsty, and like the rabbi, he stepped out of the boat. He walked across the water and made it to the land. He got a bottle of water and felt relieved afterward.

Observing the whole scene, the preacher decided to have a snack and drink just like his colleagues. So he stepped out of the boat but was immediately submerged in the water. Having seen what happened to the preacher from afar, the rabbi smiled and told the priest:

"Maybe we should've told him where the rocks were."


An Admiral and a General were fishing at a nearby lake when a storm suddenlybroke. The storm caused the boat to capsize, and the two found themselves in the lake.

They tried to stay afloat as the water nudged them back and forth, causing them to move with the rhythm. When the storm was over, the General and Admiral struggled awkwardly in the water to get back to the boat.

A moment later, the Admiral found his way back on board, and with an oar, he retrieved the General from the lake. As they caught their breath, the General told the Admiral not to speak to anyone about what happenedbecausehe didn't want the navy knowing he couldn't swim andbe disgraced.

The Admiral told him not to worrybecause he also had something he didn't want the others to know. The Admiral looked at his partner and said:

"Don't worry, your secret is safe. I'd hate to have my men find out I can't walk on water."

If you enjoyed this joke, you might find this one even more hilarious. It is about little Johnnywho went to confession to gather information from the priest.

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Daily Joke: Preacher Struggles to Walk on Water Unlike the Rabbi and the Priest - AmoMama

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