A synagogue courtyard was set on fire in Tunisia – Ynetnews

Posted By on March 5, 2024

Unknown individuals set fire to a synagogue in Sfax, the second-largest city in Tunisia.

No one was harmed in the arson attack, which occurred on Sunday in a city that currently has no Jewish residents.

According to Tunisian media outlets, the fire erupted in the synagogue's courtyard, resulting in the burning of 12 palm trees. Additionally, some of the synagogue's windows were damaged.

A rescue services officer in the city stated that firefighters managed to control the flames and prevent them from spreading to the synagogue building itself. He added that, simultaneously, another fire broke out on the roof of a nearby residential building, where the fire was also extinguished.

Sfax, once home to many Jewish families, is now devoid of Jews. The old synagogue that served the community stands abandoned.

A visitor from Israel who toured the area in 2008 described the synagogue: "Its windows are shattered, surrounded by fences, and it's empty. But I was moved to see the symbol of the Star of David adorning its outer walls. Sfax today appears very neglected and is a wholly Arab city, so this synagogue, standing despite everything, was an unforgettable sight for me."

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A synagogue courtyard was set on fire in Tunisia - Ynetnews

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