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Posted By on July 31, 2020

2020 RobertKalfusRabbi Mendy Hurwitz and his wife Rebbetzin Chanie Hurwitz celebrated his 37th birthday with their daughters by serving a BBQ to the community who drove through the Chabad of Yonkers/ Greystone Synagogue Yonkers driveway.

By Robert Kalfus

Chabad of Yonkers/Greystone Jewish Center Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz celebrates his birthday in July, and for the past decade, has invited the community to enjoy a lavish BBQ at the synagogue at which Yonkers residents, synagogue members, elected officials and those running for office attended, meeting and greeting, and pressing the flesh a practice now known to spread and infectious disease. Safety has become the overriding concern for all gatherings and all social interactions due to the need to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Adapting and rising to the need, Rabbi Hurwitz literally served the community and celebrated his 37th Birthday on Sunday, July 19th, with a Grand BBQ celebration, delivering an extensive menu of kosher hot dogs and hamburgers in buns, French fries, watermelon, cotton candy, a bottle of water, and birthday cake for dessert, to the more than 100 people in more than 40 cars to people driving in and through the synagogues driveway, for three hours on Sunday, July 19th. Determined to not let the COVID-19 virus interfere with his welcoming and serving the community, Rabbi Hurwitz devised the BBQ Drive thru to meet, greet, and feed, old friends and make new friends.

Rabbi Hurwitz sweated over a hot grill cooking the fresh and tasty meals on one of the hottest days of this summer, and enlisted the assistance of his wife, Rebbetzin Chanie, and his daughters, who helped prepare and wrap the food, and deliver bags of fresh cooked food to the steady stream of friends celebrating his birthday.

Rabbi Hurwitz spoke about how we should best manage difficult times and experiences by quoting the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who said, We need to recognize what brought about sad times was lack of kindness to one another. The best way to reverse that is to exhibit kindness to all!

Noting his latest birthday, Rabbi Hurwitz said As you age and get older, you need to continue your education and acquire knowledge and wisdom. You also do not lessen your activities, but you instead increase all the good that you can do and accomplish, and you never stop helping others

In addition to Rabbi Hurwitz regular Thursday night Torah discussion and learning class on ZOOM, the synagogue is adding additional activities and classes on ZOOM. Please contact the Chabad of Yonkers/Greystone Jewish Center for info on upcoming activities, religious services and dinners, Hebrew school and Bar Mitzvah preparation, Shabbat morning and the upcoming High Holiday services, at (914) 963-8888, or

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Chabad of Yonkers Hosts Drive Thru BBQ - Yonkers Times

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