Ealing Liberal Synagogue

Posted By on June 25, 2018

About Liberal Judaism

Liberal Judaism references Jewish tradition, and seeks to preserve the cultural and religious values of religion,while giving them contemporary force and meaning. We aspire to a Judaism which is an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities,and equally makes its contribution to the enhancement of the wider society.

We are an accepting liberal community which actively welcomes people from all types of Jewish backgrounds,or those drawn to Judaism, who want to come together to participate in a Jewish way of life.

We welcome interfaith partnerships and families.

We welcome families who want to help their children explore their Jewish heritage as part of their cultural identity.

Along with the Rabbi, members try to be supportive of one another and offer emotional and practical help where we can.

Younger and older members also flourish by learning from one another and appreciating what each other can offer.

We are currently accepting new members, and have a sliding scale of membership to encourage particpation:

Full membership

Associate membership (for non-Jewish partners)

Young person's membership (18-25 years of age)

Membership includes full burial rights.

For an application form or more information please complete the contact form.

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Ealing Liberal Synagogue

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