Efry Levy Azizoff, 66, Milan, Italy – The man with the ‘warm smile’ at the Noam synagogue – Chabad.org

Posted By on May 14, 2020

Efry Levy Azizoff passed away on March 30 after contracting COVID-19.

From a young age, Azizof forged his own path. He declined his fathers offer to join the family carpet business and instead decided to become involved in the precious stones industry.

He was recorded to be the first Jewish child of Persian descent born in Milan, and serving his community was his lifes passion.

At any event or when a member of his Noam synagogue was in need, Azizof was there to humbly offer his assistance. The Noam synagogue caters to the wider Sephardi population of Milan, and Azizof served in key functions for many years, including terms as president and treasurer.

He was known as the man with the warm smile, for which those who met him remembered him.

Azizoff is survived by his wife, Smira, and their five children.

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Efry Levy Azizoff, 66, Milan, Italy - The man with the 'warm smile' at the Noam synagogue - Chabad.org

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