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Dear traveler, welcome to the Jewish Dubrovnikhomepage.Through the history Dubrovnik City was determined by Christian religion and politics were closely related to the one of Rome. More than 2 milion touristsvisit Dubrovnik City each year. Visitors often do not know that the city was also home of the Jews expelled from Spain, Portugal and Italy. Jewish Dubrovnik tours take in focus life of Jewish community in Dubrovnik through the pass of centuries.Stories and legends of Dubrovnik Jewish community are still livingnowadays on Dubrovnik city streets thanks to Jewish Dubrovnik guides and our tours.Be blessed upon your arrival ismessage we have for all travelers planing to visit Dubrovnik City. Same message is standing above Dubrovnik Synagogue doors. Let us be your host in Dubrovnik and allow us to make Jewish DubrovnikTour highlight of your trip to Croatia.

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