Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre Suspect Was Pretty Much a …

Posted By on November 1, 2018

His apartment is one of 11 in the grandly named McAnulty Acres, a two-story building that includes the offices of a plumbing company.

A rusty barbecue smoker and an empty beer bottle sat outside on Sunday.

Law enforcement officials had cordoned off the street on Saturday and robots entered Mr. Bowerss apartment, said a neighbor, Jerry, who declined to provide his full name. On Sunday, there were no signs of police or F.B.I. activity.

Mr. Bowers seemed to leave for work for a few days at a time, but when he was home, neither Mr. Bowers or his teal-blue sedan moved, Ms. Owens said. Her fianc, Chris Hall, 28, said he sometimes came home late from work to see Mr. Bowers sitting in his car, smoking and apparently listening to the radio.

There was nothing about him, not even a bumper sticker on his car, Mr. Hall said.

Ms. Owens would sometimes hear him through her wall, chatting with the landlord when he went to drop off his rent in cash at the landlords office around the corner.

But he had no guests. He lived alone. He watched television late into the night sometimes. He used a post office box instead of the mailboxes at the apartment complex. But nothing about his behavior concerned her, and their conversations never went beyond pleasantries, Ms. Owens said.

I dont know if he had any friends, anywhere, Mr. Hall said.

She said she last saw his car when she went to work on Friday morning, but does not know whether he was still there when she returned that night. Like much about him, the memory is opaque.

Its very unsettling knowing all that stuff that was used to hurt those people was on the other side of the wall, she said. I didnt see any signs. I cant even comprehend that he had that much hate and seemed so normal.

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Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre Suspect Was Pretty Much a ...

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