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To defeat Hamas, diaspora Jews must make aliyah and come to Israel – The Jerusalem Post

| April 11, 2024

Hamass murderous October 7 attack wasnt only about hurting and killing people it was part of a larger, more ambitious plan: to remove all Jewish presence from Israel. This is why victory wont be gained merely by destroying Hamas but by making it clear to Israels enemies that we Jews arent going anywhere, that more Jews plan to move to Israel (make aliyah) and help to improve the countrys society and economy. October 7 was, without doubt, one of the hardest days in Israels history

Accusing Israel of Perpetrating a ‘Holocaust’ Is the Worst Sin of All – Algemeiner

| April 11, 2024

As Israels effort to uproot the Hamas terror organization from Gaza stretches into its seventh month, the battle for the moral high ground and international support rages online and in the media. Hamas plan to portray Israel as an indiscriminate aggressor seems to be working, with a willing assist from international media outlets and politicians in the US and around the world. Despite Israels willingness to negotiate while Hamas and despite almost unparalleled efforts to protect Palestinians during the war Israel is still facing a daunting amount of pressure and condemnation

Opinion | Imagining a Different Gaza War – The New York Times

| March 30, 2024

There seems to be a broad consensus atop the Democratic Party about the war in Gaza, structured around two propositions.

According to Donald Trump, I’m a Rabbi Who Hates Judaism – The Daily Beast

| March 21, 2024

Donald Trumpwho pals around with white supremacists; who invented fictitious very fine people marching beside neo-Nazis in Charlottesville; who has endorsed a Holocaust denier for governor of North Carolina; who has committed fraud, sexual assault, and defamation, and who stands accused of even more grievous crimeshas informed me that I hate my religion. By way of background, in addition to working as a journalist, I am a rabbi with a Ph.D

Noa Tishby decries ‘overt display of Jew-hatred’ at Oscars – Ynetnews

| March 13, 2024

Israeli producer and actress Noa Tishby, recognized as a prominent pro-Israel voice in the U.S.

‘Acknowledging Jewish victims will cost him’: Jewish creators comment on Jonathan Glazer’s speech – The Jerusalem Post

| March 13, 2024

At the 96th Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday night, British-Jewish director Jonathan Glazer, whose film, The Zone of Interest, had just won the Oscar for Best International Feature, made a somewhat garbled statement critical of the Israeli governments policy, conflating the Occupation with the Holocaust. Many Israeli officials and Jewish leaders criticized the statement, but some Jews in Hollywood actually cheered it. Thats because he did what so few who have criticized Israels decision to respond militarily to Hamass October 7 attack on Israel in which about 1,200 Israelis were murdered (and raped, burned, dismembered, and tortured) and 240 were taken hostage have done: He mentioned the victims of October 7 in Israel.

Former Israeli Ambassador: Never Seen US Jews This Fearful Of Anti-Semitism – SRN News

| March 13, 2024

A former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. says President Bidens fluctuating support for Israel is causing American Jews to fear they may not be safe in the U.S. Will the US support Israel in its effort to end Hamas rule in Gaza?Dr

Prince William denounces antisemitism amid soaring rates of abuse at London synagogue – Fox News

| March 5, 2024

{{#rendered}} {{/rendered}} Prince William condemned antisemitism during a visit to a London synagogue on Thursday, the first time he appeared in public after he unexpectedly pulled out of a royal event earlier in the week. William, the heir to the throne, heard about how Jewish students across the U.K. have been affected by the rise of hatred against the Jewish community during his visit to the Western Marble Arch Synagogue

U.S., Israel at Odds Over Claims of Links Between Hamas and Charities – The Wall Street Journal

| March 3, 2024

U.S., Israel at Odds Over Claims of Links Between Hamas and Charities   The Wall Street Journal

Israel Hamas war live updates: Another setback for cease-fire talks – USA TODAY

| March 3, 2024

Israel Hamas war live updates: Another setback for cease-fire talks   USA TODAY

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