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Swedish Synagogue Firebombed; Three Arrested The Forward

| December 11, 2017

ADAM IHSE/AFP/Getty Images Police arrive after a synagogue was attacked in a failed arson attempt in Gothenburg, Sweden, December 9, 2017. No one was injured but Jewish community members told local media the synagogue was attacked by a group of masked men who threw multiple burning objects

Why this LGBT synagogue is moving beyond its 40-year mission –

| August 24, 2017

At Congregation Shaar Zahav in San Francisco, Rabbi Mychal Copeland leads Shabbat services with a rainbow tallit around her shoulders. The synagogue newsletter is called The Jewish Gaily Forward. But the shul that has been known since its 1977 founding as San Franciscos gay synagogue is now reaching out to a broader community and de-emphasizing its identity as an LGBT-specific congregation.

Rabbi claims he was vilified for welcoming non-white members – New York Post

| August 24, 2017

A Westchester rabbi who sought to diversify his synagogue was panned by its racist board members for turning the congregation Spanish and Black, according to a federal discrimination complaint.

Fear, resolve and more security at Charlottesville synagogue – Religion News Service

| August 23, 2017

anti-Semitism By Ben Finley | August 20, 2017 Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12, 2017.

After a decade of opposition, a Florida synagogue longs for a place to call home – Washington Examiner

| August 21, 2017

Count me among the thousands of people who enjoy visiting southern Florida. On my first trip to Boca Raton, about an hour’s drive north of Miami, I remember walking along the reef of South Inlet Park, waves crashing on the rocks, as local fishermen hailed me with friendly smiles and hellos. The city residents were welcoming overall, but I was there to expose how, for a decade, a vocal few have fought to keep the Chabad of East Boca Raton from building a synagogue.

Charlottesville synagogue on fear, resolve and more security – The Charlottesville Newsplex

| August 20, 2017

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — For Diane Gartner Hillman, the new reality of being Jewish in Charlottesville sunk in when she had to leave Congregation Beth Israel through the back door. On any other Saturday, worshippers at the city’s lone synagogue would have left through the front and walked without fear to their cars, parked near the statue of Gen

Synagogue Beth Judah Symbol of Changing Times – Cape May County Herald

| August 19, 2017

WILDWOOD As the only active synagogue in Cape May County, Congregation Beth Judah in Wildwood, knows what it takes to not only survive changing trends in worship but to thrive. As President Karen Burke explained, We are really focusing on our connection to the community

Discovery in Lithuania: archeologists find ruins of Great Synagogue … – The Jerusalem Post

| August 18, 2017

Volunteers, students and archaeologists excavate two recently uncovered mikves once belonging to the Great Synagogue of Vilna.. (photo credit:DR. JOHNATHAN SELIGMAN) In 2015, a radar survey discovered ruins near a school in Vilnius, Lithuania

Great Synagogue of Vilna’s Jewish Ritual Baths, Destroyed in Holocaust, Found by Archaeologists – Haaretz

| August 17, 2017

The Nazis burned and looted the synagogue but it was the Russians who knocked it down as they set out to eradicate Jewish memories in Lithuania after WWII. An international team of archaeologists has unearthed the remains of ritual baths at the Great Synagogue in Vilna, which had been burned and ransacked by the Nazis during the Holocaust, and was finally pulled down once and for all by the Russians in 1965 as they set out to eradicate all memory of the Jews in Lithuania. How long Jews lived in Lithuania is hard to know.

Charlottesville Cops Refused to Protect Synagogue – Yahoo News

| August 17, 2017

The Jewish community in Charlottesvillehired armed security to protectits synagogue for the first timeafterlocal police declined to provide a guard for the site despite hundreds of white supremacists congregating on the town over the weekend fora rally that resulted in the murder of counter-protester Heather Heyer. Alan Zimmerman, president of the Congregation Beth Israel in the Virginia town, wrote a blog postpublished on Monday evening following the violent scenes on Saturday that resulted in a car-ramming attackthat took place just 200 feet from the place of worship. He described the fearhe felt in the presence of white supremacists, who rallied aroundanti-Semitic slogans, as 40 members of the community prayed in the synagogue, withoutsupport from the local authorities

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