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Adar 5781Feb. 13-March 13, 2021

Though the month of Adar is associated with Pisces/Dagim, because of the fluctuations of the 19-year Metonic cycle to which the Hebrew calendar is synced, the Feb. 11 new moon of Adar is in Aquarius/Dli. This adds an electrified air of instability, which is both exciting and scary during the month traditionally associated with masks and merriment. Just as we are not living in normal times, this is not a normal Adar.

There will be three squares of conservative Saturn/Shabbatai in revolutionary Aquarius to radical Uranus/Oron in traditional Taurus/Shor during 2021. The first one occurs March 17. The conflict between these disparate energies can produce competing value systems and strategic alignments between strange bedfellows. Adars classical ruler, Jupiter/Tzedek, in Aquarius and her modern ruler, Uranus, in Taurus illustrates the Purim-like upside-down-ness of the tensions between security and freedom, tradition and innovation, cautiousness and recklessness, wisdom and genius. Mercury/Kochavs retrograde ends Feb. 20, and the planet of communication conjuncts Jupiter March 4, tying up loose ends at the last quarter moon in Sagittarius/Keshet March 5. The Suns annual conjunction to dreamy Neptune/Rahav March 10 can be a spiritual balm or a delusional bombshell, depending on circumstances.

Adars tribal ruler Naftalis territory included the valley of Gennesar around the Kinneret, whose fruits were legendarily magical so much so that the Talmud in Berachot 44a relates one bizarre, outlandish tale after another involving their otherworldly qualities. Altered spiritual states and supernatural enchantment are attributes of Pisces and Purim. With Venus/Noga in Pisces as of Feb. 25, its worth extending whatever merriment and magic can be had. Milk the magic for all its worth during Adar!

Tribal leader Yehudah modeled honesty and teshuvah in relationships; avoid giving mixed messages at Venus/Nogas square to Mars/Maadim Feb. 19 at the first quarter moon in Gemini/Tomim. You may be ambivalent about committing your heart, but youre utterly confident about your professional role. The trine of Mars to powerful Pluto Feb. 24 strengthens your perceived value in career and business; youre on secure ground as you seek advancement and affirmation. Mars enters Gemini March 3, energizing communications and social connections. Your ideas can go viral now. Dont mask your passions your enthusiasm is contagious!

Tribal leader Issachars attunement to the cosmic cycles and wise discernment around what needs to be repaired in important relationships is yours Feb. 11-13 when Venus/Noga conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek and retrograde Mercury/Kochav conjuncts Venus. Can you find the magic words and say them first to yourself, then to whomever most needs to hear them? Saturn/Shabbatais square Uranus/Oron in Taurus Feb. 17 insists you move the needle if its stuck on a fearful refrain. Venus squares Mars/Maadim Feb. 19, offering energetic support to break out of the circles youre going in. Venus sextile Uranus March 3 sparks exciting, original creativity.

Tribal leader Zevulons journeys were never meandering. His travels had purpose and so do you during Mercury/Kochavs retrograde: recovering whats still viable from lost or abandoned dreams and resurrecting them at first quarter moon in Gemini Feb. 19. Between the two conjunctions of Mercury to Jupiter/Tzedek, retrograde Feb. 14 and direct March 4, youll find what youre seeking, and when Mercury stations direct Feb. 20 you can orient yourself with stunning clarity. Progress is made by revisiting and revising your trajectory to make sure youre on target.

Tribal leader Reuvens tender heart is moved by compassion for the human condition at the new moon in Aquarius/Dli Feb. 11. First quarter moon in Gemini/Tomim Feb. 19 inspires new ways of interfacing with old ideas. The full moon in Virgo/Betulah on Purim (Feb. 27) unmasks your feelings for someone previously relegated mere friend. Last quarter moon in Sagittarius/Keshet March 5 brings restless energy and heightened mind-body awareness; self-care this month might include swimming and hiking, if possible. Emotional healing is possible March 10 at the moons conjunction to Mercury/Kochav if you can speak from your heart.

Tribal leader Shimons descendants became teachers of children. Your inner child needs your inner adult to be a good teacher and empathetic partner when the Sun enters Pisces/Dagim Feb. 18, illuminating tender places bruised by rejection and misunderstanding. Teach yourself to receive your own remarkable insights when Sun sextiles Uranus/Oron Feb. 25, bringing brilliant lightning-flash revelations around family issues long ignored or repressed. Sun conjunct Neptune/Rahav March 10 brings a therapeutic breakthrough that alters consciousness for the better, resetting your self-perception from harsh judgement to compassionate empathy. Your journey towards wholeness means especially embracing your weakest parts.

The multifaceted nature of the Mercury/Kochav-ruled Tribe of Gad is revealed at Purim and the full moon in Virgo Feb. 27. You are so much more than just the sum of your parts; the broad spectrum of your capabilities shines the brightest between Feb. 14 and March 4. Between those two dates youll paint a broad, dazzling swath of competence and demonstrate youve still got what it takes, and then some. Mercury stations direct Feb. 20 positioning you to prioritize among the plethora of possibilities.

The Gershonites under tribal leader Ephraims charge were responsible for the ornamental coverings of the Mishkan/Tabernacle, thus the love of beauty runs through your spiritual DNA. Original definitions of beauty and radical demonstrations of grace are possible when Venus/Noga conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek at the new moon in Aquarius/Dli Feb. 11. Mercury/Kochavs retrograde conjunction to Venus Feb. 13 rethinks definitions of love. Venus square Mars/Maadim Feb. 19 rebels against conventional constraints. Venus sextile Uranus/Oron March 3 finds a way to harmonize differing perspectives while emboldening your charismatic persuasive abilities. Truth is beauty and beauty truth; these are never discordant.

Tribal leader Menashes gift was humility, which demonstrated his greatness. Your willingness to make space for others attracts powerful partners when Venus/Noga squares Mars/Maadim Feb. 19 at the first quarter moon in Gemini/Tomim. Partnership possibilities extend beyond romance into realms of creative partnership; overcome power struggles when Mars trines Pluto Feb. 24, favoring harmonious synchronicities rather than competitive clashes. Mars enters Gemini March 3 bringing considerable lightness and motion; if youve felt a little slow since January youre now unfettered to fly forward, perhaps with the help of an unexpected partner who brings fresh, valuable resources to the table.

Tribal leader Benjamins rainbow flag symbolized inclusivity. Venus/Noga conjunct Jupiter/Tzedek Feb. 11 at the new moon in Aquarius/Dli opens you to the potentialities of universalism. Though feeling unique and exceptional is your default setting, the month of Adar brings a deep sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. Mercury/Kochavs retrograde conjunction to Jupiter Feb. 14 is bookended by his direct conjunction March 4. The magic lies between those dates as you articulate and externalize an expanded internal vision and enlarged self-knowledge. Tie up loose ends; finish what you started back in November at last quarter moon in Sagittarius March 5.

Tribal leader Dans ensign was a snake ready to defend his territory. Youve internalized self-defense so thoroughly you may have succeeded in isolating yourself more than necessary, thus requiring a sort of emotional chiropractic. This comes three times during 2021 when Saturn/Shabbatai in Aquarius/Dli squares Uranus/Oron in Taurus/Shor. The first of these squares occurs Feb. 17. Youll be challenged to adjust the risk-reward ratio, as youre faced with contradictory pulls between security and innovation. Choosing between stability, which has become almost moribund, and potentially dangerous change doesnt need to be an either-or decision. Find your happy medium.

The new moon in Aquarius Feb. 11 restarts your annual growth cycle. Your classical and modern planetary rulers, Saturn/Shabbatai and Uranus/Oron, make three powerful squares during 2021, the first of which occurs Feb. 17. Revolutionary understandings of your place in family history are possible now, from the broadest sweeping birds eye view of your place in the generations which preceded you. This perspective allows a vision of your future when the Sun sextiles Uranus Feb. 25. Like tribal leader Asher, your nature is to give. The sextile of Venus/Noga to Uranus March 3 offers a surprisingly upgraded romantic connection.

Because of the swing of the 19-year Metonic cycle to which the Hebrew calendar system is synced, this Adar begins with a new moon in Aquarius/Dli Feb. 11. Inner agitation over external events when Mars/Maadim sextiles Neptune/Rahav Feb. 13 is considerably calmed when the Sun enters Pisces Feb. 18. Run after your dreams like fleet-footed tribal leader Naftali at the Sun-Neptune conjunction March 10; this is your annual big-picture view of your life, and youre able to see the location of the You Are Here! sign clearly. Purims full Virgo/Betulah moon unmasks true desires.

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