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Posted By on July 30, 2021

Barnardos has investigated one of its teachers after Jewish News discovered social media posts apparently written by her, which claimed Israel has world governments in their pockets, controlled the media and massacres thousands.

Rubina Halim, a Yorkshire-based staffer with the leading childrens charity wrote on Linkedin this month: Israel is not looking at taking over Palestine. There is far more to it than that!

In an inflammatory message, Halim continued: Think about their spyware how they can hack anyone anywhere. Think about how they have governments around the world in their pockets why else are they able to massacre thousands of people?

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Think about how the media is controlled and manipulated how readily are unfavourable posts are (sic) taken down and the news prevented from being reported?

Halims post with a dollar bill in the shape of a star of David

In a further call for action, Halim wrote in the post made this month: Will we wake up in time to do something about it or will we keep our heads buried in the sand until its too late?

After we alerted Barnardos to its employees posts a spokesperson confirmed the charity had taken firm action against Halim pending a full and thorough investigation.

Halim herself told Jewish News last night: I am not antisemitic and truly do not recognise how my post could be described as antisemitic.

My sincerest apologies if my post has offended you in any way.

She did not respond after it was pointed out her claims about Israel having governments in their pockets and the allegation that the Jewish state controlled and manipulated the media could be interpreted as classic tropes.

A further scan of Halims page on Linkedin, generally renowned as a business networking page, revealed further disturbing posts from the last two months. The Barnados teacher had shared an article published by Middle East Monitor which concluded in an investigation that 33 per cent of UK cabinet members are funded by pro-Israel groups.

Her post about Israel manipulating and controlling the world.

Halim posted a comment saying: Are you surprised that the UK government have been bought by Israel.

She also shares an analysis of the Talmud, put up on LinkedIn. It suggests the Talmud became the view of life of Jews in general.

The post, under the name of Mohammad Sadat Ali, continues: Thats also why the Jewish state of Israel is referred to as a racist, chauvinistic, theocratic, conservative and highly dogmatic state. Above the post Halim writes: Need to read this!

Post accusing Israel of being a racist, chauvinistic, theocratic, conservative and highly dogmatic state

Elsewhere, Halim shares an infamous map of America with the headline Relocate Israel Into United States and writes herself: The perfect solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. This was the same graphic shared by Labour MP Naz Shah, which led to her suspension from the Labour Party.

Danny Stone, director of the Antisemitism Policy Trust, said: Over the past few months weve seen a rise in antisemitism specifically in educational settings.

Her post saying Israel should be moved to the United States

As ever teachers have a vital role to play in educating against this and other forms of racism, not just in the classroom but through personal example outside it too. Anyone failing to meet these standards should be reprimanded appropriately.

Founded by Thomas John Barnardo, who was born into a Sephardic Jewish family in Dublin in 1866, Barnardos is the UKs largest childrens charity in terms of expenditure spending at least 200 million annually running around 900 local services to help vulnerable children. At its headquarters in Barkingside, east London it employs around 450 staff.

Posts shared by Rubina Halim accusing Israel of genocide and comparing Israel to the Nazis

In a statement Barnardos said: We are deeply concerned to learn of this LinkedIn post which has been brought to our attention by Jewish News.

We would like to assure the public that these are strictly the personal views of the staff member and do not represent the views of Barnardos.

Barnardos does not tolerate any kind of racism, including antisemitism and all our staff and volunteers are required to adhere to strict codes of conduct and policies on equality and diversity.

The individual has been instructed to remove the offending content immediately and firm action has been taken pending a full and thorough investigation.

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Barnardo's investigating teacher over social media posts about Israel and Jews - Jewish News

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